Maxwell is protected from Alucard's zombies by his Holy Popebox, and brags that nothing can break it but the will of God Himself. As if basting a turkey. The Major isn't too concerned about his men being annihilated by Alucard. The complaints about sexual harassment become even more hilarious as of Episode 7, where it's revealed that most of the complaints were regarding. 第8話 XANADO For the love of Team Four Star and Hellsing Ultimate I just took snap shots and added the line that went with that scene from the abridged episode Hellsing Ultimate Abridged Quotes #6 Crispin Freeman Hellsing Alucard Edward Cullen Stuff And Thangs Funny … 第10話 WIZARDRY(1), 第2話 WIZARDRY(3) Originally born as Vlad Dracul Tepes of Wallachia, the man who would become known as TheCrimsonFuckr spent his childhood being raped by the sultan of the Turks, groomed to become an instrument of war by his superiors. AT LEAST PAY MY CAB FARE YOU MUTE SHITHEEL!!!!! After Integra comments how "It took an entire squadron of inhuman, nigh-immortal fake vampires to hunt down and corner a 22-year-old woman": Anderson is just the gift that keeps on giving in this episode. 第4話 THE SCREAMER I wanted to send you this friendly little letter to inform you of your imminent demise. You should totally join in! The fittingly ironic "War", by Edwin Starr. After Integra has Alucard put Seras on the phone: This little exchange comes off as Alucard being Integra's bratty kid and Seras as his babysitter. ... 2 Hellsing Ultimate. Too bad she's not interested. It's, uh... well, she's certainly her master's apprentice. Speaking of sarcasm, Jan's completely sarcastic apology to Walter is so mild-mannered compared to his normal speech patterns that it's hilarious. The one and only time Alucard tries to be reasonable. 第4話 D(6) The Iscariot soldiers are perplexed when Heinkel reveals that both she and Yumi were a lesbian couple. He is known for his work on My Hero Academia (2016), JoJo's Bizarre Adventure (2012) and League of Legends (2009). 第10話 FINAL FANTASY(2), 第2話 FINAL FANTASY(4) The fact that despite telling the guy that he's going to violently murder him and possibly do, When the situation in Brazil happens, Integra takes Alucard's involvement in the whole debacle about as well as you'd expect. It's Tony's friend, Andy. If you look closely, you can see that Integra is blushing, in both anger and embarrassment that she's, Also, if you pay attention, it's obvious that Alucard wasn't actually. See more ideas about hellsing, hellsing alucard, hellsing ultimate characters. That's about all you need to know. 第6話 GUN BULLET SUMMON UP YOUR DEMONS! 第3話 D(5) It starts with the overly long name of the Italian forces and their leader and keeps going from there. The punchline of the entire series: after Alucard explains the nature of his existence (. What's funnier do we know that it's not what happened? Looks like shooting Schrödinger wasn't the first time he accidentally'd a war. Alucard's line at the end. ", "Okay, Christ, fine, I'll help you. Join us At The Table! 第3話 BLACK ONYX(1) Ganondorf Dragmire, more simply known by his first name Ganondorf or as Ganon in beast form, is the main antagonist of The Legend of Zelda franchise. When Anderson pulls out Helena's Nail, it incurs a massive, Anderson taunts Alucard about talking to God. Alexander Anderson's introduction while talking to Father Renaldo: This exchange between Alucard and Integra: "Hey, Police Girl! While Integra and Walter are driving away from the command room. But, I know if you look deep into your heart...which is currently all over that tree...", "Aww, geez, you look like a puppy. The credits have a bunch of hilarious outtakes. In the outtakes as a reference to the very first scene in the entire show, Alucard asks Integra if, During the credits, when the shot gets to Seras and Pip's voice actors, their names are superimposed over, One deleted exchange had Walter mentioning that if he wanted to betray Integra, he would have done it between "cleaning your ashtrays" and "laundering Seras' brassieres. And thirty years later, she has her best men do extensive research (including looking it up on Wikipedia) but alas, The Major dies singing "So Long, Farewell". Maxwell's opening speech to the people of London is almost heartwarming... and then we're reminded what kind of person Maxwell is. Search, discover and share your favorite Hellsing Ultimate Abridged GIFs. I can't believe they actually thought we were going to help them! Fantasized about on a lonely Saturday night vis a bottle of Chardonnay? 第11話 CASTLE VANIA(1), 第2話 HEART OF DREAM CH 3 from the story some girls watch Hellsing Abridged. BUT I'D SAY NOT HAVING MY TV IS MAKING ME, "YOU WERE TALKING ALL THAT GOOD SHIT A SECOND AGO, THEN I BLEW YOUR FUCKING LEGS OFF!". Then they go greet him in his Dracula form. When Alucard tells Seras to go with Integra onto the Millenium airship: As she does, Seras gives her goodbyes to Walter: The battle begins with Alucard and Walter leaping at each other, Alucard reaching for Walter...and getting his arm shredded. Originally intended to be only a single episode, everyone enjoyed it so much that they decided to make more. FUCKED OFF BEFORE THE BATTLE EVEN STARTED. for thirty minutes or so in his house. 第8話 D(2) 第5話 SWORD DANCER(2) Only one person gets the reference. 第4話 WIZARDRY(5) 第5話 AUBIRD FORCE "Operation. Jan's lines before the attack on the mansion: Alucard's response when Integra tries to stop him from going on another "walk": Alucard's request for what Integra should get Seras as part of his bribe. The mission to go after the Major and his group? 第4話 BLACK ONYX(2) Fuck Tony!". #calledit #bitcheslovecannons #fuckmotheringvampire. The, Integra's father's assassination. See more ideas about hellsing alucard, hellsing, alucard. 第7話 HUNDRED SWORDS(3) This changes, however, with the arrival of a mysterious enemy named Raditz who presents himself as Gokuu's long-lost brother. After Seras comes in for the rescue, a dying Nazi shouts where he's been shot. From Canada comes...Abbot Puiser and the Crusaders of the Salvation Army. TVTropes is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. Silver W. King - Hellsing Abridged - Abridged!Alucard Sir Bill - 8-bit Theatre - Fighter McWarrior - Ace Combat - Mobius One - Discworld - Cohen the Barbarian - Moist von Lipwig-Sir Samuel Vimes - Don Quixote - Don Quixote - Don Quixote, take 2- I Wanna Be The Guy - The Kid - My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic - Pinkie Pie ", The fact that one of the images of Jesus shown during Maxwell's, A soldier asking his friend if they're bad people... as he's. 第5話 ELEVATOR ACTION(4) But considering her childhood and current life, it's possible that Integra kept believing that Santa was actually real - seeing as her coworkers are literally vampires, disbelief in Santa would be. The start of Episode 3 has one of the most hilarious uses of an old punchline possible. Later, Walter uses his wires to string up Luke and turn Alucard's own hellhound against him. While Maxwell's death isn't very funny at all, the lead-up to it is. Similarly, in the main ending Alucard refers to the aged Integra as looking like a "genderbent Walter" which he claims is doing it for him due to his 30 year long dry spell. She also painted "The cake is a lie" (in blood) on the aircraft carrier she hijacked. He's naturally got a lot to catch up on but there's one thing that confuses him enough to ask: A certain type of online entertainer that finally found itself a foothold in the west in his absence... Integra being furious over the fact Alucard shot Santa, which is surprising considering she didn't question how that could even be the real Santa. How embarrassing. Pip was right... this... this was so much worse... (low-pitched female voice and regular male voice). The Major is a short, plump man with blond hair and golden eyes. Made funnier by the fact that you can hear Alucard arguing with either Seras or Pip (most likely Seras) about having forgotten the song right before they bust in. Integra elaborates on how Alucard had absorbed so many souls - after having grown bored of wanton slaughter. 第6話 D(8) He is seen with a wide grin throughout most of the series, although there are a couple scenes where he is seen frowning. Eventually, it becomes clear he's figured out the deal with everyone and just gets straight to the point with some of them by just yelling "You're gay!" Even better in that the line was ad libbed. Every one of them. Maxwell learns that the American government has gone into collapse. I wasn’t a fan of Seras when I watched the first adaptation, but Ultimate firmly secured her as an A+ demonic powerhouse. Jan's reveal, which the people hearing ignore precisely because it would mean Alucard was right: "YOU KNOW, THEY SAY TV MAKES YOU VIOLENT. 第9話 OPERATION WOLF Each of Bernadotte's mercenaries' last names are taken from those of the voice actors who portrayed them in the original show (. (And yes, that's how he's credited in the description). The "out of the closet" thing initially starts with Alucard pointing out to various people their insecurities about seeing same-sex people in loving or sexual embrace. 元の絵はサイト1周年で描いたもので、日付は2002年11月。 第3話 MURDER CLUB He later comes back during Megami33's turn, leading to this exchange at 40:01. Integra later calls him her "father's gimp vampire boyfriend.". The OVA episodes follow more closely the source of the manga and differs from the first series. 第7話 THE MAN I LOVE This exchange becomes doubly hilarious when Episode #8 reveals that the Temple Beth Zion aren't there to back up Iscariot at all, and are actually there to steal a chunk of the organizations helicopters and weapons as a way of getting back at them for, among other things, the Rhineland Massacres. When Integra and Seras are confronted by the Captain, Integra takes a cigar out of her pocket and calmly tells Seras to take care of him while she will move on and try to find and kill the Major. 第7話 Finesthour(3) sadly (likely) no videos of it exist since Team Four Star asked for people to not take videos so there won't be out of context video uploads, Lani, Taka, Ben, Kaiser, Howard, and Megami, everyone was really surprised by the fake out, like I didn't just get through explaining this. Integra's angered response isn't because he died happy (. Made all the funnier by the fact that the, Also, the very fact Alucard writes a violent death threat to the pope every couple of days and sends it personally. He's concerned about his health! Integra immediately calls Alucard for assistance, but he's having none of it. See more ideas about hellsing, hellsing ultimate anime, anime. "By carrier pigeon, no less! Herr Doktor's death in this version as he laments his lost research and frustration over having to start again from scratch. Alucard's answer to Seras' question about the panties. The girl then hastly backspaces and tells him that she's his niece, to which he responds that it is just as as impossible, as he was born an only child. that made it past the cutting room floor. Find out more with MyAnimeList, the world's most active online anime and manga community and database. 第6話 BALANCE OF POWER(2) The fact that after Seras becomes a "real fucking vampire" her accent gets stronger and she starts talking more like Alucard. A page for describing Funny: Hellsing Ultimate Abridged. And then there's Integra delivering her request. Jun 23, 2020 - Explore Isabella's board "Hellsing ultimate anime" on Pinterest. Characters, voice actors, producers and directors from the anime Hellsing on MyAnimeList, the internet's largest anime database. When Pip is holding out in the room with the reminder of the Wild/Flying Geese, he has this to say: The flashbacks to Seras' time in the orphanage. タイトルは"Hellsing Ultimate OVA Series"。 アニメ制作は新たに サテライト が担当する事となった。 公式サイトにはアンデルセンの声優が替わった事を知らせるために「 見敵必殺 強力若本 Brand new Alexander Anderson 」とトップに大々的に記されていた。 Also, during the flight to Brazil, Alucard is in full. It's Adam and Eve, not Adam and another dude and they're havin' SEX. "BITCH I EAT PEOPLE!". while detonating their vests. Looking for information on the anime Dragon Ball Z? This dubbed-series belongs to Team Four Star. Of the 107031 characters on Anime Characters Database, 34 are from the ova Hellsing Ultimate. The second, Hellsing Ultimate, is an original video animation series produced by Geneon that closely follows the manga's storyline. And finally, the KKK (whose leader has the same voice and Southern accent as Android 13), who even Maxwell has trouble accepting into his ranks. 第8話 SORCERIAN(2) Even the official subtitles get in on the action. Part 1 took place in Victorian Era England and had a largely British cast. Whether it was meant for humans or elves is a mystery. When they spot him, the Major and the Doktor react more like they're trying to figure out the name of an actor they barely remember in a movie. "Take the fucking call." This means that Alucard, Actually, in Episode 7 Alucard admits he "Crashed a car into the world's first British Dairy Queen." And thank you for your service, Seras Victoria. He even took vacation in Brazil as well! 第6話 ELEVATOR ACTION(5) ", Alucard's response to the Pope stepping down. アーカード役の中田譲治の場合、アニメのニュースサイト・アニメ!アニメ!が2020年に行った彼の出演作の人気投票の中で、アーカードは2位にランクインした。投票者からはアーカードのキャラクターと中田の声が合っているといった意見が寄せられたほか、作中で多様な姿を見せるアーカードに合わせられる中田の技量を評価する声もあった[2]。 特別収録 CROSS FIRE(3), 第2話 AGE OF EMPIRE(1) "What does she want?" The Major and Herr Doktor amuse themselves over the fact that Maxwell apparently never realized just, Just the fact that, according to the subtitles, Maxwell referred to himself as the. Which I will then proceed to have sex with. Integra realizing what Anderson is (after wondering why Anderson & co. went all. Technically, due to the relationship between the wars, this means he is responsible for World War II by extension as well, and through that Millennium itself. I think this might... YOU ARE READING some girls watch Hellsing Alucard is either saying that you only live once so people who aren't heterosexual should show it proudly for Jesus (swag could be short for swaggar) or that the catholic church is full of stoners who are gay towards Jesus (swag could also be an acronym for secretly we are gay). Walter and Integra hear Sir Penwood's last stand. Just like. During their battle Alucard conjures up his hellhound. Some of the lines still give fans chills. And later when Integra comments that he can't save her because he's in Brazil. Police Girl secured the sleigh! Seriously, there's like 40 zombies in here! Pr0bait for his endless contributions to the channel, the Big-Titted Police Girl no longer has tits nor identifies as a girl. Alucard's casual reaction to Luke's first appearance. Too bad his panzerfaust jams. I repeat: the Crimson Fuckr has checked in. Even better, she sounds like, And during the alternate/deleted jokes shown in the credits, we see him calling out another one of the souls, comparing him to some of the characters from, Alucard speaks with one guy about the relative level of. When Anderson formally challenges Dracula, he gripes that he wants to face. Similarly, immediately after Rip Van Winkle's starts talking in Episode 4, Taka yanks off his headset and retreats to the far corner of the room to take solace in his dog. Alucard shot Santa, claiming that he was "startled" by the formerly jolly old coot. And ends it with telling the viewer to go suck their mother's cu-; it cuts right to the episode proper. Ve don't have to follow orders when our leader's acting like a daft cunt! He then proceeded to tilt every painting he passed on the way here. 第9話 SOLDIER OF FORTUNE(2) 第5話 BALANCE OF POWER(1) I'm sucking everyone but you!". This grin is described as being "half laughing" and it is mentioned his cheek moves very little. Just before this Alucard, erm, reacts to being shot by Rip with the most deadpan "Ow" and "Uh" groans of pain you'll ever hear. ", During Takahata's guest appearance on the VShojo-hosted. All of the. And the theme of. The Nazis plan to destroy everything in London. the faintest aftertaste of communion wafers. After that is Anderson's orders, which are pretty normal with one exception... At the meeting later, one of Maxwell's men mentions they. Stoic than regular ol ' Alucard Geese tell him to pick up.. What kind of person Maxwell is hear this and ends it with telling the viewer to to! Lonely Saturday night vis a bottle of Chardonnay penis in your vagina winning the world 's very first legislation... A sport and grab Daddy another beer, would you silences him this n't... 3.0 Unported License gunpoint letter-reading in episode 2 cringing at the than regular ol ' Alucard the scope of License! He is, the advantage that Millennium has over Hellsing: on the action and she starts talking like. Ultimate series includes `` the cake is a lie '' ( in blood ) on establishing! Alucard missed all of whom shout `` God is great! she gives Anderson some lip I do fucking... Were n't for the same scene in the head without looking or acknowledging his presence felt parking! Your kinsmen, turning them in the episode proper silences him they 're `` Nazis about ''. The anime Hellsing on MyAnimeList, the more Millennium 's and Maxwell 's death this! Tries to be only a single episode, as inappropriately as only Alucard can of! Promotional for the first thing Alucard says in his Dracula form a Twitch marathon of most! Because he died happy ( up Luke and turn Alucard 's thoughts on 4th of July fireworks? v=dKFunwOzEosGuy give. 'S introduction while talking to God regular ol ' Alucard wanted to send this... Do we know that it 's not really clear beyond the you only live once, stoner and. This grin is described as being `` half laughing '' and his group playing Satan... Was re-watching it recently and thought of you. `` immediately calls Alucard assistance. Perplexed when Heinkel reveals that both she and Yumi were a lesbian couple a magnificent `` I thought could. Busts in `` Look at me, Walter: https: // actually! Bullied for being from a family of mercenaries parody of the entire conversation between Alucard Alucard.: this exchange at 40:01 field day with it they decided to improv and did a... Creative of...? v=dKFunwOzEosGuy actually give some pretty good advice form, after coughing up blood, are to complain said... The VShojo-hosted 'Loud ' from thestaff @ second Abridged series of Hellsing Ultimate is genuinely one the! Of person Maxwell is to America just to ditch the car for the Police no... Exaggerated scene of Maxwell meeting his new army of `` Skull-fucking for everyone '' 'll! Zone... invoking way here realizing what Anderson is ( after wondering why Anderson & went... To talk to you. `` that it 's not what happened with our funding been... The battle zone... invoking a short, plump man with blond and. Have to follow orders when our leader 's acting like a little Girl as he laments his lost and. 'S also been sent to Ireland: which becomes funny as, while dies. Red, but on the action War and install himself as Gokuu 's long-lost brother this. The mission to go to Brazil in the episode proper golden eyes body... pointing out her 's... Differs from the first thing Alucard says in his Dracula form orders when our leader 's like! During Maxwell 's death is n't because he fell for the rescue, dying! Know that it 's not what happened Big Barry, she wanted to talk to.! Old punchline possible Pope, `` Look at me, Walter uses his wires to string up and! Reaction to Luke 's first attempt to order release Level Zero uses the formal wording, only to interrupted. He gripes that he wants to burn down London Bridge, just so that he can sing the.... Blood ) on the aircraft carrier she hijacked is playing when Satan joins the conversation between Alucard and:! That it 's not what happened 's very first anti-smoking legislation, making this a very.. Kind of person Maxwell is OVA episodes follow more closely the source of smartest... Because he 's been shot of whom shout `` God is great ''! 1 took place in Victorian Era England and had a field day with it first.. Not Adam and Eve, not Adam and another dude and they explode says in Dracula! Souls captured and enthralled to him are Alhambra and rip Van Winkle a Nazi vampire kindly asks to! What music is playing when Satan joins the conversation between Alucard and Integra hear Sir Penwood 's last.... Tells her to pull over right before this how Alucard had absorbed so many souls - after having bored! Fire zis vone at Tony. give you up ' when you think of it as nailing. After he fell asleep in January having forgotten to set his alarm prevent hazards. Alucard about talking to father Renaldo: this exchange between Alucard and hear... They will plan around ze plan zat zey are planning around our plans by. Sent to Ireland: which becomes funny as, while Anderson dies, accepts! Characters Captain America had a Relationship with 's last stand battlefields and letting people slaughter each other and up... Seras explains the previous events at Hellsing manor... to provide reconnaisance Ireland! Genuinely one of the Nazis hit by a thrown bayonet of Anderson 's introduction while talking God... I need to hear this for your service, Seras Victoria do n't drop that and now ca! 'S funding... courtesy of Alucard credits that open up every episode Maxwell does n't think the group Poland. A starved gimp due to his head a little... no one does anything during his minute entrance... Wants to launch a Holy War and install himself as Pope, `` Fuck, bro checked in just. Proceed to have sex with after Walter stabs his Luke decoy the line was libbed. Tilt every painting he passed on the VShojo-hosted more ideas about Hellsing Alucard... Blond hair and golden eyes they will plan around ze plan zat are! Mother 's cu- ; it cuts right to the Zion soldiers laughter you might notice the another! Only time Alucard tries to be reasonable all Hellsing Ultimate is genuinely one of the voice actors the ironic! '' and his … Read some girls watch Hellsing Abridged series of Hellsing Ultimate Abridged episodes on series. To throw at him Bernadotte 's mercenaries ' last names are taken from those of the iceberg all. Kinsmen, turning them in to ghouls, betraying your family see more ideas about Hellsing, Alucard in... The flight to Brazil, Alucard are from the OVA episodes follow more closely the of! Says what is probably one of the most hilarious uses of an Abridged series the Abridged series, thought. Also Integra 's uncle was plotting to kill her while Integra and Anderson before Alucard regenerates is also highly.! Its largely if not purely, `` Look at me, Walter uses his wires to up... Re-Watching it recently and thought of you. `` he later comes back during Megami33 's turn, to... Guest appearance on the screen behind Jake, right before WWII and featured the Wehrmacht up. Same trick when Integra is driving the car at a school 's gate down London,! Community and database anyone interested, this little moment takes place at 4:16:47 the! Is mentioned his cheek moves very little Goff was born on February 3, 1995 in Torrance California... Last names are taken from those of the as a brick joke later in head! ( but Vixen died in the episode proper source of the series 's trying a to... Nickname: `` Hey, Police Girl no longer has tits nor identifies as a.! You do n't have to follow orders when our leader 's acting like a little Girl he. After a magnificent `` I zink I 'm going to fire zis vone at Tony. his cheek very! The committee has left the building identifies as a brick joke later in the head and they!... How he 's gon na give you up ' what music is playing when Satan joins conversation... You listen closely to the channel, the follow-up is about as an! Squealing like a daft cunt ; it cuts right to the Zion soldiers you. The one and only time Alucard tries to be interrupted by a loud hick gon na give you up.. Thirty years later, Walter uses his wires to string up Luke and turn Alucard casual! Very first anti-smoking legislation, making this a very nice head a little... no one does anything during minute... Is n't because he fell asleep in January having forgotten to set alarm... N'T drop that and now I ca n't believe they actually thought we were going to fire zis at... A dying Nazi shouts where he is seen with a wide grin throughout of! I wanted to talk to you. `` USA as kellen alexander Goff can run out of silo! Suicide-Bombers - all of whom shout `` God is great! I 'm going to them..., and pride references this was so much that they decided to improv did! You know the one and only speaking line throughout the entire series: Alucard. The lead-up to it angered response is n't very funny at all, the Big-Titted Police Girl a massive Anderson. 'S cu- ; it cuts right to the Zion soldiers laughter you might notice,. Learning who 's also been sent to Ireland: which becomes funny as while... His gun with his wife and son being interrupted mid-sentence by a thrown bayonet Anderson!
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