Lots of movies, particularly horror flicks, are said […] Poltergeist II - The Deluxe Edition soundtrack from 1986, composed by Jerry Goldsmith. The entire set for the MacNeil home caught fire and burned down, delaying filming for six weeks. The second entry in the Poltergeist film series and a direct sequel to Poltergeist (1982), it follows the Freeling family who again find themselves under attack from supernatural forces attempting to claim their daughter, this time the spirit of an insane prea… "They're back?" The Poltergeist movies aren't very big with the people who would sing this song on a regular basis. A few weeks later, executive producer Mace Neufeld was on a plane to Los Angeles that was also struck by lightning. Three years later, Julian Beck - famous for his role as preacher Henry Kane in Poltergeist II - died of stomach cancer, while in 1987 co … Reviewed for TheBluFile.com by Dustin Putman (Release Date: January 31, 2017) – Tackling a sequel to any well-regarded, hugely successful film is a daunting task, and too often those who attempt it try to simply repeat what previously worked while going bigger and overcomplicating the narrative. Richardson reportedly saw a road sign near the accident scene showing the distance to a Dutch town that read: Ommen, 66.6 km. Lots of them. Reuters contributed to this report. We look at other scandalous preachers, albeit fictitious ones, whose tales have been told on film through the years. Steve Freeling is the main protagonist of the first two movies. There are new faces, namely Will Sampson as the medicine man, Taylor, and Julian Beck as the evil preacher, Kane. The movie was met with mixed review and Zelda Rubenstein was nominated for a Razzie. Ver opiniones y detalles sobre la gran selección de Blu-ray y DVD, nuevos o de 2ª mano. When working late one night, Wan's dog wouldn't stop growling at ... nothing. Poltergeist II: The Other Side (1986). The film's iconic lead, O'Rourke, died at age 12, less than a year after the release of "Poltergeist III," after what doctors thought were complications from flu-like symptoms. Astute fans may note that Henry Kane is christened after the insane specter of a corrupt preacher from horror classic Poltergeist II. Believer of Witchcraft. 1 decade ago. He led his "flock" across a desert t southern California into an underground cavern under the premise that the world was about to end, but in trut… 1 month ago. A plane that was chartered by the film, but switched at the last minute, went down shortly after takeoff, killing everyone on board. He was quoted as saying, "The devil was at work and he didn't want that film made.". 3 … Top Searches Holiday Gifts. Who could forget the little blonde girl and her eerie, scary lines, "They're heeere!" Kane was a reverend, possibly from the American South, who started a utopian cult in the early 19th century. With JoBeth Williams, Craig T. Nelson, Heather O'Rourke, Oliver Robins. level 2. To me, Poltergeist II is a perfect example of a sequel not performing up to the standards of the original. The movie was rated PG-13 after the PG-Rated Poltergeist which was also considered a film which pushed the PG rating. Oedipus Rex Watch Now. A grip truck unexpectedly went up in flames on set. Director James Wan may have been playing with forces beyond his control when he shot "The Conjuring" about the evil force taunting the Perron family, and the real-life demonologists, Ed and Lorraine Warren, who helped get rid of it. If you want to continue to explore the fascinating world of "WandaVision," we have you covered with some inspired recommendations. Julian Beck who played the preacher was dying of stomach cancer while shooting the movie (adding to his creepy appearance).
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