share. Episode 13: The five people you spend the most time with. There was actually 8 minutes and 44 seconds at the beginning where we were discussing penis necklaces, but I took that out because … well, vague notions of professionalism. As of mid-June 2003, I think the only time I had been to Texas was a layover in DFW Airport. With Joe Gatto, Danica McKellar, James Murray, Drew Patterson. " The Blunder Years " is the fifth episode of Season 13 (originally going to be an episode of season twelve, but was pushed to season thirteen due to the events of 9/11). They go into the drainpipe and discover a hatch to Mr. Burns' office. "The Blunder Years" is the fifth episode of Season 13 (originally going to be an episode of season twelve, but was pushed to season thirteen due to the events of 9/11). We mention someone named Jimmy briefly; that’s a mutual friend --…. Share a clip; Nancy hears from Producer Ben Calhoun about the moment when the cool teacher in school told the girls they should pay attention to Ben, and they did. Hope you mostly enjoy it! Episode 39: Why are we so bad at retaining info as adults? Then there were about 3 minutes and 51 seconds at the end where we were gossiping about people you probably don’t know, so I took th…. And how can we focus more on individual learning needs, as opposed to flashy technology? If you’ve ever read my blog, you know I’m not always the biggest fan of management and leadership. However, Smithers admits that he is grateful that his father died a real hero instead of being killed by a tribe of savage women (as told by Burns during his youth). Moe assumes that Homer screamed because he fell in the mud, but Homer explains that he witnessed something else in the lake. You can also buy, rent The Simpsons on demand at Disney+, Amazon, Vudu, Microsoft Movies & … Maybe the reason I like this episode more compared to rest of the season, is that it does something new and interesting while still feeling like the old school Simpsons. Episode 52: The late 1990s, Marriott-driven Polish party scene + Silicon Valley accountability, I think I first discovered the writings of Greg Satell, perhaps better known as _Digital Tonto_, sometime around 2015 when I was first trying to be a solo hustler. It’s primarily about raising kids, the flaws in diversity and inclusion arguments, and trying to determine what is and is not important as you move through your 20s, 30s, and 40s. He actually lives in Dallas and I live in Fort Worth, but I didn’t know that when I started taping it … so I was sitting in a sparsely-populated co-working space about 40 miles from him when we taped. She’s got some stories, and we get through them in about 12-13 minutes. Fun little group. A restaurant hypnotist causes Homer to relive a traumatic childhood experience where, upon swimming in a quarry, he found a dead body. Episode 58: Honesty as the "clarion call" of adulthood, My guest on this episode is Peter, who recently wrote a book called _Honest to Greatness_, which is coming out in mid-August. This is an interview with my digital friend Maggie, who helps with communications and strategy and beyond in the association space. I have an odd fascination with the Bucks, so that got us going, and then we saw each other at a couple of trade shows along the way pre-COVID. Hope you find some value in it. OK, so Episode 29 -- not this one -- is largely about an assessment she sent me and I completed and what that says about me and her as professionals. This is a good conversation about health and how health is all you really have at some level as you age. Plus: Calvin and Hobbes. The guest on this episode is my friend Matt. The Simpsons: 10 Most Disturbing Episodes. Let’s hit it. We want to have some degree of normal conversation and figure out where everything stands. So to hit 50 episodes on this growing-but-not-really-popular podcast, I wanted to give them a dime of encouragement. We also talk about work, management, life lessons, your partner/spouse challenging you, and the flaws of the education system. Season 13, Episode 5 The Blunder Years First Aired: December 9, 2001 A hypnotist unlocks a repressed memory in Homer, who recalls childhood times with Moe, Carl and Lenny-- … One of the layoffs was within 48 hours of her divorce becoming final too. Plus: there’s some stuff at the very end about the difference between one minute of being angry and one minute of laughing on your imm…, Episode 7: Aging parents + "People are nuts" + 20-40-60 Rule. In October 2017, he appeared on the “Shitty Media Men” list, and since then there’s been a degree of “cancellation” to his career. 8 4 48. comments. 4. Episode 54: Instagram, Fatherhood, Creativity, and Five-Year Plans. He had questions about the effectiveness of the curriculum. Unless you have a trust fund, the idea of just backpacking around Europe and Asia is probably not feasible. With Dan Castellaneta, Julie Kavner, Nancy Cartwright, Yeardley Smith. Well, back in 234, I was writing virtually every day and starting to get some traffic and some traction as a freelancer. Episode 66: Is conventional college valuable anymore? They get married, they get divorced. Lisa encourages Homer and Bart to make it up to her with Homer taking them all to a posh restaurant. I guess when social media first started getting to scale, I thought it might be a cool place to discuss issues like anxiety, depression, and bigger debate-type topics. Hope you enjoy. Burns apologizes to Smithers for giving false information to him, saying that he only did it to spare him the trauma of his father's loss. Dauntless, the hypnotist approaches Homer, and hypnotizes Homer into "turning into" various people, which since he has no idea who any of the people who he's been turned into are just result in him running around the stage saying "Out of my way!". Episode 64: The COVID return to school, old white guys on Facebook, Libertarians, and life decisions of your late 20s. And this is all happening at a time when wages for most people have been stagnating for at least a decade. Well, we finally did it and it came out pretty solid. Feels like everyone is out there trying to hustle their widgets these days as opposed to like, I dunno, think about people dying and losing jobs? Then we get into parenting and the idea of 13 year-olds having a moral obligation to be dicks to their parents, and then we get into some life lessons including what he learned from a book called “Cured.” Along the way there’s also a discussion about swim lanes of life, and how to decide whether to even have kids. Hope you enjoy it. Act Three. If you’ve followed some of the stuff I write and post, I gave up drinking for Lent, which is probably about 33-34 days as I tape this introduction. Now we're analyzing each other. Bonus Episode: How to know when layoffs (#piping) are coming for ya. In this interview, we talk about how recruiters work, agency (third-party) models vs. in-house models, AI, how to get the most from a recruiter relationship, and more. We interacted on a few posts about different work things and then taped this episode, which starts with a look at the early days of TiVo. Let’s roll. Rising. In fact, just on this podcast since I launched it, I’ve had Tim Sackett (_Episode 35_) and William Tincup (_Episode 18_), who are both semi-big names in that world. I believe I was baptized Methodist, but as a kid I really only went to church on big events, or for weddings/funerals. I’ve interviewed a bunch of them at present, including Brenda, Mollie, Theresa, Angelica, etc. Paul Newman as himselfJoe Mantegna as Fat TonyJudith Owen as herself It’s all kind of ironic in some ways because No Child Left Behind was under his administration. | Conspiracies | Drinking | Relationships. Here's a narrative arc and, hopefully, a renewed focus. So, I'm gonna be back in January 2021 with a renewed focus on discussions about adulthood and transitions, friendships and relationships, etc... as opposed to going into work or other topics. Hope you enjoy it, and we’ll be back next week. I was actually doing pretty well and making good money, which was a surprise. Hide Spoilers. If you want to go bigger on sample size here and use actual people instead of sex therapists, here’s a Reddit thread (with 278 comments) where people talk about their amount-of-sex-per-week relative to their age, time married, and kids. Blunder Years podcast on demand - Listen to free internet radio, news, sports, music, and podcasts. I moved out of that place, oddly 14 years to the day of my graduation from college, after we got divorced. I know 2020 has been a weird year for many. At the time, he had a business called Iron Egg that was mostly about website builds and revisions. 20th Century Fox. 3 min Plus: the role of the Internet. Thankfully, Hill is a cool dude, and we’re connected on some platforms, so we stayed in touch here and there. After the flashback ends, Moe reveals himself to be in the living room with Carl, Lenny, and the Simpsons. Predominantly we talk about signs whereby you know a layoff is probably coming, and then at the end we talk a little bit about “being called down to the basement,” drinking Diet Coke through a straw, and individual layoff stories we’ve had. You know it’s some real serious shit because eventually we became Facebook friends too. Well, when I did attend his funeral in October 2017, one of the things that stood out from that day is that this kid I had barely seen since college asks me in the pews, “So, do you think you will stay in Texas?” It was a logical question because I had been divorced a few months prior and maybe I would go somewhere else and reinvent. Mike Scully He was there probably 2.5 years. I think we first started connecting sometime in 2018, on LinkedIn first. As such, we've been friends for 15 years now, and a chunk of it is definitely rooted in sports. This episode was actually a nice dose of self-awareness for me. We even get into some female empowerment too. There’s an unfortunate story about how a co-worker at one job reacted to her. I had to go to Kansas City for an orientation and I met Steven McFarland, who kinda has a similar “focused on car…, Episode 11: Work should not be everything for you, Back in October of 2016, when admittedly the world seemed a bit of a simpler place, I wrote an article called “An organizational consultant can’t save you now.” Probably four years before that, as I was leaving New York City, I actually really wanted to be a consultant. Let’s roll. I think someone even used the term “school to prison pipeline” while he was there. As I was exiting, the couch outside was all beautiful young women. He was also from the general Northeast, a Knicks fan, etc. The conversation covers a lot of different ground, but we especially talk about mental health in the workplace and the idea of “neuro-diversity,” and whether we can ever get it to scale that executives will care more about these topics. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Enjoy, happy weekend, and I'll be back with some of these posts and some guest posts (i.e. So we talk about being an outsider, understanding why others are outsiders, embracing different perspectives, online filter bubbles, and a little bit about HR and the ridiculousness of surveys (that part is towards the end). Let’s roll. Also, I do not really know what a "mid-career professional" is. Episode 63: Friends after you move, The Platinum Rule, Midwest vs. Everybody, sports, Amazon, and more. That’s OK — and we should be acknowledging those people for being brave enough to create something out in that universe, chaotic as it may be. New, original episodes where I actually talk with another human being should start in about 2-3 weeks. He actually lives in Aurora, which is where the movie “Wayne’s World” was set. How about new people features.” The idea is that workplaces become obsessed with product launches and rollouts, and those are obviously really important to the business -- but every day, people go through stuff too. Hopefully you listen to some of it! I think only 1 or 2 of them ever got published, but we did a whole episode on that idea that you are the average of the five people you spend the most time with. Episode 69: How many times a week should couples be having sex? I’ve actually struggled with parts of Texas, as any good Northeasterner would, and I got divorced in the span of being here, but I’ve stayed in part for any number of reasons, with one of them admittedly being that I got tired of bigger moves and reinventing friend circles when you’re north of 30. Episode 55: From #BillsMafia to friendships and housing prices. 1 thing in this canon, a Boston Globe article about how loneliness is a bigger threat to dudes than obesity. Instead, we talk about rearview mirrors vs. windshields, staying on "the path," God, more about drinking, and just two guys being friends for all the…, Episode 47: That first wedding you attend post-divorce | Reaction vs. response | Expectations | COVID as a near-death experience, This guest is named Diana. But to hear entrepreneur Ryan Narus tell it, it’s not so much “broken” as “evolved,” and that does present some new opportunities. Earlier this week, I actually got in a semi-heated Twitter exchange about the role of Instagram in everything that’s going on racially. What now for "the leaders of the free world?" Production Code Episode 35: Tone-deaf emails, Larry Nassar, and negative predictions. For now, though, enjoy this mini-explainer. I have had other people from this thread on this podcast -- Mollie I think was Episode 2 and Brenda I think was Episode 14 -- and I plan to try and have more. This is an interview with my friend Gabe. The previous summer, the Knicks had made the second round of the NBA playoffs -- and I don’t think they have been back to that round since. The Simpsons Season 13 Episode 5: The Blunder Years Summary: Marge falls for the image of the man on the package Burly paper towels. We actually taped this back on May 6th or 7th, well before the George Floyd protests, but I think a lot of the discussion resonates right now. Show Runner reveals, FOMO, Women at work, and more. (originally aired December 9, 2001) So here we have the last Scully produced episode, and thank fucking God. What's the next thing?". Stream live CNN, FOX News Radio, and MSNBC. I’ll keep this intro short, but I’ll make it a tad personal. This is a short interview with my man Stuart Higgins of Higgins Talent Sourcing. We were friends at ESPN, so I figure we met sometime around fall 2005. me talking to someone) in the next couple of weeks. Burns also admits that he never told Smithers the truth about how his father died. Now he has a company called Adapted Growth and another site call…, Episode 16: Gender (?) The Blunder Years was created by myself, 7 other writers, 1 director, and 6 actors. We don’t get into a tremendous amount of Jungian stuff here, but we talk about meaning throughout life, masculinity, and the ability to be with one's self in a quiet room. He’s from the east coast but relocated to Denver and he’s part of the _Just Be Social squad_ on the Twitter device, which includes a few of my previous _guests_ on _this podcast_ _as well._ Matt is a good dude, and we overlap in the sports fandom, meme fandom, and recruiter Internet ecosystem worlds. Let’s roll. Recap / The Simpsons S 13 E 5 The Blunder Years ... Smithers is shown as a baby around the time Homer was a teenager, but other episodes including "Bart Star" and "Bye Bye Nerdie" showed Homer and Smithers in school together. The Blunder Years … We talk about psychological safety, the role of HR, the role of leaders, and at the end there’s a s…, I lived in an apartment — the number was 234 — with my ex for about 34 months. Let’s go get it. Episode 79: Coming back in January 2021 with a renewed focus. This is an interview with my friend _Nathan_, who I think I once called a “KPI Kevin” on LinkedIn and that cemented our relationship. That’s actually not a bad segue, because the guest on Episode 4 is Sid Clevinger. I turned 39 a few weeks ago and broadly I’m OK with my experiences thus far, although I wish I had invested more in my career back in the day. Episode 56: Does every generation think the next one is going to ruin everything? It was not a good, high-performing elementary school, but through a series of connections, former President Bush -- W, not HW -- came to visit. I met Mollie Bentley, who is the guest on this episode, via Twitter. Mike Simmons is my guest on this episode, and he falls into the latter category. . Episode 8: One minute of laughter vs. one minute of anger, This is probably the shortest episode I’ve done so far, but it has some really interesting nuggets in it. card. Let’s get into it. So we were talking to them, and eventually they left. My guest on Episode 39 is my friend Laura, a learning and development professional, and we’re going to discuss this in both work and personal contexts. Episode 24: Anxiety ain't no gender issue (until it is). But Jack and I have also both struggled with drinking over the years, so eventually we get into that. After he drinks it, in a flashback to when he was twelve, he remembers going hiking with Lenny and Carl. Moe, Homer, Carl and Lenny go to an old quarry to have a swim. Once in a while people ask me what my favorite-ever post is, and I mean, it’s hard to choose because I barely remember everything I’ve written on here. Shout-Out: The move that Smithers’ did was a reference to Star Trek II: Wrath of Khan, where Spock does the same thing The guest is Alabama-based educator and leadership developer Joel Hawbaker, who talks about courageous humility and has a website called Real Life Leading. I’ve seen stats about 10,000 Baby Boomers retiring every day, but they’re retiring to lives that will last longer than they ever lasted before -- potentially we’re adding the equivalent of a third of life to people these days. Since then I’ve been a mix of hustling and adrift. I’m glad we finally got to it. Bart: Oh, sorry. That was Clay, that was December 2014, and we’ve been close friends almost ever since. The easiest way to listen to podcasts on your iPhone, iPad, Android, PC, smart speaker – and even in your car. Back then his nickname was “Big Red.” His nickname might still be that; I don’t know. Here we talk about aging parents, about the difference between 22 and 30 and 38 and 46, about how everyone is nuts, and about dichotomies around women at work and at home. 4.1k. If you want to shoot me a text or something, it's 860-967-7667. Always down to discuss work or football or working out or finding mentors or getting better as a person. And her and her husband are selling a house they’ve been in since 1987, so we talk about that as well. We talk shop a tiny bit (recruiting), but most of this is about the uncertainty of the modern moment. I dragged my feet a little on posting this because of other BS in my life, but it’s actually a really good conversation on defining yourself, the value of laziness, and how we’re all angry that people are not paying enough attention at a time when we’re all supposedly needing to pay more attention. That’s a big theme of this discussion with Bob Brumm, wh…, Episode 4: From having a gun in your mouth to making $98,000/month, I think we all love us some rebound or rebuild stories -- we want it for your own lives, for our friends, and for our family. If you want to understand the "A" to "B" narrative of divorce to new marriage, read this. Interesting dude. Episode 77: "You are not a genius" + The emotional toll of white-collar work. They have blundered into their secret "wacky tobacky" patch. is it racial, gender-based, or cognitive-driven. Posted by 16 hours ago. Soon a famous Indian hypnotist performs various acts of hypnosis, including making Professor Frink a makeout master, and when the hypnotist approaches Waylon Smithers and tells him that he will do something about his father, Smithers mysteriously replies he has no father; he died years ago. It's about my decision to give up drinking for Lent 2020 and some of my past and future issues around all that. We connected on, if I remember correctly, some health care project. Got remarried about two weeks ago, then went out of town for a few days, so I've been sitting on this interview with Jim Monroe for a minute, and it's time now to release it into the broader world.
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