One notable difference from the previous opening sequences is Sherri and Terri, who are texting messages instead of playing their flutes. Maude Flanders and Marvin Monroe, however, remains in the pan across Springfield, despite having also died, For some reason Marge and Maggie's supermarket and car sequences have been cut, Jimbo and Kearney saw off the star of the Christmas tree instead of the head of Jebediah Springfield and the star falls on Ralph who is licking a frozen pole, When Bart snowboards out the school doors, he plows into a pile of snow shovelled by Groundskeeper Willie, exposing Grampa underneath as he holds a sign that says "Still warmer than nursing home", The plant has been replaced with Santa's Workshop, Homer paints a cane and Lenny changes the number of "days till March 28, actual birth of Christ" on the sign from 94 to 93 before falling off the ladder, Marge's supermarket has been replaced by a gift shop, Maggie is gifted, she stamps Baby Gerald as "defective", and two men take him away, Snow falls on Lisa after she finishes her solo, Homer's car has been replaced with a snowmobile and Otto smokes on the cane when it lands on his lap, Marge's car has been replaced with a dog sled, two more sleds come to her until Mr. Burns and Smithers' sled scares the other mean sled away, and Maggie imitates Marge's rope throwing, When Bart snowboards out the school doors, he plows into the pile of snow shovelled by Groundskeeper Willie, who is being played by two polar bears, At Santa's Workshop, Lenny changes the number of "days until Greek Orthodox Christmas" on the sign from 31 to 30 before falling off the ladder, At Marge's gift shop, Maggie gives Baby Gerald a present to make him feel better, At band practice, everyone plays "Jingle Bells", and Lisa gets completely covered in snow after she finishes her solo, In Marge's dog sled scene, an abominable snowman is seen in the background, and three more sleds come to her until Mr. Burns and Smithers' sled scares the other two mean sleds away, When Bart snowboards out the school doors, he crashes into Frosty the Snowman, who was built by Groundskeeper Willie, At Santa's Workshop, Lenny changes the number of "Bricks and Mortar stores remaining" on the sign from 24 to 23 before falling off the ladder, At band practice, everyone plays "Deck the Halls" ("'Tis the 30th Season" only), In Marge's dog sled scene, an elf is seen in the background, and four more sleds come to her until Mr. Burns and Smithers' sled scares the other three mean sleds away ("Gone Boy" only), In "'Tis the 30th Season", the shot of the family on their way back to 742 Evergreen Terrace have been cut, This page was last edited on 18 January 2021, at 22:48. The family sits on the couch and sinks halfway in. Marge is actually driving the car, and Maggie imitates her horn-honking. Getting out of the ocean, Homer evolves into a prehistoric lizard that extends his tongue to snack on an insect that resembles his power plant coworker, Lenny. Everyone undoes the mistake by taking back their proper heads, and Maggie takes her pacifier out of Homer’s mouth. Indeed, both are synonymous with the show. Believing the sequence to be "excessive and offending" he pushed for some of the darker jokes to be removed. The head of the Simpson family, Homer, is not a typical family man. The family is forced to spend all of their savings to get Bart's new tattoo removed, and with no money for Christmas, Homer is forced to become a store Santa. 2014-12-04T21:12:59+00:00; Duration: 01:43 The hand attempts to put Homer into the texts, but fails due to his size. The sculptor then turns the statue of the Simpsons into a statue of a Civil War soldier on a horse. Next, when Maggie is seen at the steering wheel, when the camera zooms out, it reveals that she is actually driving the car while Marge is sleeping in the backseat. A second family comes and also sits on the couch. The family crawls to the couch, but the room dissolves, leaving them under the desert sun. when the menu appears, but then "On the big screen" during the actual opening sequence.) The Simpsons all look like Moe Szyslak (as seen in the couch gag for ". After getting shrunk by Professor Frink, the tiny family tries to rush to the couch, only for them to rush into a mouse hole and get stuck in a mouse trap. Principal Skinner and Superintendent Chalmers walk past. The couch sequence is a trailer for an action movie called. Homer is sad but on opening his mouth he swallows one and chokes. The couch is folded out into a bed with Grampa sleeping on it. He laughs and says "Green Screen". The camera then zooms through a window of the school where Bart is doing the chalkboard gag which is "I will not illegally download this movie", a reference to piracy before quick-fading to the popular 90s band Green Day who are hosting a concert at Lake Springfield, playing their rendition of "The Simpsons Theme". The new opening sequence was animated for the show's transition to the High Definition format, premiering with the season 20 episode "Take My Life, Please". The camera cuts to Springfield Elementary where Jimbo, Dolph and Kearney are hoisting Martin Prince up a flagpole by his underwear and saluting it as if it were a flag. The mouse then clicks on "empty trash" from the dropdown menu. PicClick Insights - The Simpsons Couch Gags “Couch Classic” - The Hamilton’s Collection, Collectable PicClick Exclusive. Homer notices a plug in the middle of the floor and pulls it, and everyone and everything gets sucked down the drain. The Flintstones (Fred, Wilma, and Pebbles) are on the couch. the couch gag from this year's holiday episode, "I Won't Be Home For Christmas." [48] Jeremy Dower, an Australian musician, created a chiptune version of the main theme song, which was used in this version. Marge, Bart, Lisa, and Maggie (dressed in jungle loincloths) swing into the room on a vine gracefully like Tarzan. The Simpsons sit on the couch and get shot into the ceiling, with only their legs and feet showing. As it falls on him, he inadvertently tosses the cone into the statue's eye. The sequence starts with Lisa waking up and then grabbing Milhouse's glasses. Once in it, Homer says, "Aw, our own home." Stash For Later Remove. The family sits, but the couch falls apart, leaving them sitting on cushions on the floor. Then, the different pieces of furniture sit on Homer. She exits the room playing a saxophone solo, which sometimes changes. When the lights turn on, they all scuttle off. The top half of Homer’s statue quickly breaks off and falls to the floor. Finally, after a couple of decades, they've gotten closer to what I had in my mind. A springboard then comes out and smashes them to the screen. This is based on the promotional poster for ". The family sits on the couch and end up bouncing over and under each other until they're in completely different places on the couch. ), The Thompsons couch gag seen during "Cape Feare" (Part 2), Couch gag seen during "Miracle on Evergreen Terrace", Cowboy/western couch gag seen during "Behind the Laughter", Couch gag seen in the parodied "Fat Bart" opening sequence during "The Heartbroke Kid", The Outlands couch gag seen during "At Long Last Leave" (Part 2). Except for Maggie, who comes in and has a medal and isn't injured. Notably in "Bart the Genius", the famous high-pitched scream of Homer's when he runs from Marge's car into the house is cut. The Simpsons This long-running animated comedy focuses on the eponymous family in the town of Springfield in an unnamed U.S. state. The "couch gag" is a running visual joke near the end of the opening credits. Finally, the couch is shown, and Bart walks into the room, alone, carrying his broken skateboard. The second HD Christmas version appeared in "I Won't Be Home for Christmas". A cartoon hand flips an animation cell that has eyes on it, flips another that has Homer's skeleton sitting cross-legged, flips another that has Homer's stomach and a can of Duff beer on the lap, flips another that has Homer naked, another where the rest of the family are fully clothed and sitting in mid-air, and another where The Simpsons are in their living room and sitting on the couch. Everyone is mortified, except Lisa, who just says "ew!". Did you know that “Simpsons Roasting on an Open Fire” was the very first episode of “The Simpsons”? Homer next finds himself piled under the rugby team. The Simpsons (also in towels) arrive, but leave sheepishly as the three men glare at them. There is an Olympic-sized pool leading to the couch. The Simpson family finds themselves in Mrs. Krabappel's classroom, where Bart is writing the blackboard punishment phrase "I will not mess with the opening credits", making a chalkboard gag within a couch gag. Homer is on water skis, with the others on him, as he ski-jumps over sharks; everybody lands on the couch, but Homer is without his legs, which are in the sharks' mouths. Afterwards, the family tries to sit on a snow couch, where Lisa, as Elsa, is sitting. The second was a brand-new opening sequence produced in high-definition for the show's transition to that format beginning with "Take My Life, Please" in season 20. 0 … They all run into the living room and sit on the couch before a number of characters lift them up. This version is similar to the normal version, except for several key differences: In the end, the couch gag is that the family sits on the couch and the camera then pulls out to reveal that the family was reflected in a Christmas ornament, which rests on a Christmas tree. None (Due to Lisa extended sax before skip the couch gags), A series of clips from each season is shown (for a full list, see. As Bill Plympton's signature is being signed on the drawing, Maggie pulls out a gun and shoots the lights. Bart almost bounces away, but Homer grabs him and hurls him onto the couch. Burns sends Barney in to substitute for Homer, and Homer gives a thumbs-up as two paramedics wheel him away on a stretcher. Homer is then shown driving home and discards the stuck uranium rod out the window; it lands in Otto's lap and he eats it. A blindfolded Ralph Wiggum comes in, swinging a stick and hits the couch, making the Simpsons spill out on the floor. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Frozen finally gets the parody it deserves. The monorail is seen, passing through various locations, including Springfield Gorge, Moe's Tavern, the church and the Kwik-E-Mart. Maggie appears, who finished her ice climb, but hits her ice axe on Homer's foot, causing the couch and the family (but Maggie) to freeze and melt. Homer, however, falls off the ramp and, adding injury to insult, gets hit on the head with his own skateboard. As the camera pans upwards, it is revealed that Maggie drew the crudely-drawn family, and she continues drawing. The view pans down, and Homer is shown strangling Bart himself. The Simpsons (as they are currently drawn) run in and find their crudely-drawn counterparts from. Of course, the credits feature the iconic chalkboard and couch gag. The Simpsons (except Maggie, who is in Marge's arms) are barefoot and briskly walking across a bed of hot coals. Homer notices it, gets up from the couch, peels it off, and stomps on it, with the family joining him, before returning to the couch. The Simpson family arrives on the couch as cups, with cup fillers on top filling them. The classic opening couch gags on "The Simpsons" are constantly being reinvented, but this latest one truly stands out from WATCH: 'Ren And Stimpy' Creator Does 'Simpsons' Couch Gag Known mostly for his grotesquely-drawn, hyperkinetic cartoons, Kricfalusi brings his decidedly unique vision to his "Simpsons The couch gag for the episode "Clown in the Dumps" which aired on September 28, 2014, was animated by the Academy Award-nominated surrealist animator Don Hertzfeldt, who was recommended to the show by Mike B. Anderson. A group of Russian soldiers point guns at the family and they immediately surrender. The family arrives to find the couch have prepared dinner, but it says that they said they'd be home at 7 and to go sleep on the bed, then it blows the candles, darkening the room. Homer is in a body cast and turns on their wall-mounted flatscreen TV. Professor Frink puts drops of water on them and they all grow to normal size, except Homer, who needs a bucket of water. The crossover episode "Simpsorama" begins with a parody of the Futurama title sequence, which includes the Futurama theme music and a text reading "A show out of ideas teams up with a show out of episodes. [34] According to Jean, "The concept in my mind was, 'What if this graffiti artist came in and tagged our main titles? Then the bus where Otto falls over. Unlike the other two opening sequences, Marge's car now hits Homer and carries him on the hood until it stops short, flinging him ahead to smash a Homer-shaped hole through the door. The Simpsons are shown as Chia Pets on a plant display cart instead of the couch. The Simpsons sit on the couch, but get sucked inside and come out looking like a shredded piece of paper. The Simpsons are a meal at a fancy restaurant (Homer is a garden salad, Lisa's face appears in a bowl of soup, Marge is a plate of spaghetti and meatballs, Bart is a T-Bone steak, and Maggie is the mint that comes with the restaurant bill), which Comic Book Guy eats. In a parody of Star Trek, the Simpsons are in the Donut Enterprise that shoots their couch, and then gets shot by a ring of couches. A few earlier couch gags appear at normal speed, then screenshots of the previous couch gags appear, right up until the gag from ". The camera zooms out to reveal a live-action scene (taken from the episode "Hazard Pay") of Walter White and his partner Jesse Pinkman sitting on a couch drinking beer and watching the sequence on a TV. In 2011, Marge is back, but Lenny is gone and replaced by Jimbo Jones. Maggie is already on the couch. Homer, who takes longest to pop, is burned. In 2009, Lenny has taken Homer's place and Bart and Lisa both begin puberty. They are caught and placed in a police lineup. It follows each member of the family as they journey home from work, school, and shopping. The Simpsons sit on the couch, only to be sucked into a portal. Mr. Burns then presents this to Homer as his raise, to which Homer says, "D'oh! The following is a list of couch gags seen in the opening sequence of The Simpsons. Maggie, who is sitting on the conveyor belt, is inadvertently scanned along with the groceries as Marge reads a magazine. This is The Simpsons' 'White Christmas Blues' couch gag featuring a lot of snow, a few Christmas trees and a dollop of festive spirit. The episode is more about the students' revolt against Skinner, but there are some fun Christmas gags, like Skinner's hilariously lame Christmas special. Some scenes were replaced or modified: In Bart's chalkboard gag, the school is now orange with purple accents instead of lavender, the classroom is now green instead of lavender, there are desks, a wastebasket and a bookshelf in the background, and a photo of Homer and a clock are seen on walls. Stream full episodes online & watch live Sundays at 8/7c! A bowling pin clearing bar scares Snowball II off the couch, then a pinsetter places the family on the couch like bowling pins. Homer sends a message with emoji of him, Marge, Bart, Lisa, Maggie and the couch, and recieves in answer "Meh" "I don't get it" "Needs a payoff" "Created by Matt Groening", to which he says "Oh, sorry, yes sir", and "Developed by James L. Brooks Matt Groening Sam Simon", to which he says "Who are this guys? Homer is watching the Super Bowl when he goes to get a pack of beer. Homer appears as Olaf, and bites his own nose, disappointed to discover it is simply a carrot. This year's Simpsons holiday episode "I Won't Be Home For Christmas" airs on Fox this Sunday, and the network released a clip of the very Christmassy couch gag … Homer then grabs a rock and slams it on the couch, making it unconscious. The real Homer slams his controller down, then tries to sit on the couch, but doesn't and sits on the floor in frustration. They begin to age into their current appearance. This is why we shouldn't complain when someone uses pre-recorded vocals for a live show. The Simpsons, dressed in prehistoric-style clothing, run onto the couch (really a log, which is in a prehistoric area, resting on a tar pit) and sinks with it into a tar pit. Two firemen hold the couch like a safety net. The couch is a ski lift. The top half of him pops off and on to the couch, revealing a smaller Marge standing inside the lower half of Homer, like a Russian nesting doll. The camera alternates between close-ups of her jerking the wheel back and forth and the car veering wildly, it then zooms out to reveal that her wheel is only a toy. Homer has Maggie's spikes, Marge has Bart's spikes, Bart has Lisa's spikes, Lisa has Homer's "combover", and Maggie has Marge's big, blue bouffant (the weight of which causes Maggie to fall off the couch). The family sits, but Maggie gets squashed into the air and is caught by Marge. Marge and Homer are depicted as children while Bart and Lisa are depicted as adults (and Maggie is a baby doll in Homer’s arms). The family leaps into the room, all dressed in white karate uniforms and black belts. after being formed. The Simpsons (all except Homer) are bugs and sit on the largest fruit; Homer, as a grub, pops out of the fruit. The Simpsons' couch breaks them out, and leads the family to a buried Lard Lad statue. Lisa is walking a horse but a man and a woman takes it, taking Lisa to the family table and the horse to the horse table. The two original variations were further expanded to these variations: The billboard gag is a running visual joke added to the opening sequence with the updated 2009 high-definition opening. The family sits. The Simpsons run to find that the couch is missing, and they chase it around the world and into outer space. Panicking, Rick collects some of the family's gooey remains in a vial and sends Morty to have new Simpsons made while he cleans up the wreckage. The Simpsons couch gags have been becoming increasingly elaborate as of late, just this Halloween they unveiled an equally extravagant couch gag made by director Guillermo del Toro. The Simpsons sit on the couch. They jump out of the painting by going in the "water". Popularity - 76 views, 1.6 views per day, 47 days on eBay. Of the 671 (at the time of writing) episodes produced, we’re whittling it down to just 10 of best couch gags The Simpsons has ever produced. The couch vibrates away, taking the family with it. Santa's Little Helper licks the sundae, taking scoops of the ice cream away, and burps as he leaves the room. [4] Chalkboard messages may involve political humor such as "The First Amendment does not cover burping",[11] pop culture references such as "I can't see dead people" (The Sixth Sense)[12] and "I was not the sixth Beatle", and meta-references such as "I am not a 32-year-old woman" (in reference to Bart's voice actress Nancy Cartwright) and "Nobody reads these anymore". Sea monkey versions of the family swim in and sit on the clam couch. Homer shouts ". The Simpsons, along with Snowball ll and Santa's Little Helper, sit on the couch. [4] The other gag is known as a "couch gag", in which a twist of events occur when the family meets to sit on their couch and watch television. Funeral music plays as they bury the couch in the backyard. The Simpsons chase after the couch through the articles on, The Simpsons running into the living room, and are lifted onto the sofa and into the air by several supporting characters as everyone sings to Ke$ha's ", The Simpsons are a miniature model constructed by Nelson, which is then blown up with a firecracker, and Nelson says, ". In the end, it is revealed that was a dream while Homer was sleeping on the couch. The man tries to give the Simpsons room to sit, but it's a tight fit. As the rest of the family gets sucked in, Bart uses the remote to get rid of the portal. A fax copy of the Simpsons tries to come through. The couch prepares for the day, which consists of getting out of bed in the morning, shaving, eating breakfast, riding the bus to work, clocking in at the back entrance of the Simpson home and going to its usual spot in the living room, where the Simpsons run in and sit down normally. Homer is shown at the power plant, and in the background, Lenny Leonard is standing on a ladder changing the number of "days without an accident" on the sign from 2 to 3. But, they don't pay attention to where they're going and bump into each other and fall over. Homer finishes his hot dog and holds up a card of his face, finishing the picture as he says, "Woohoo!". The sequence opens as usual with movement through cumulus clouds, while a 3-eyed crow flies by. At the end of the sequence, the TV set sometimes comes loose from its wall mount and smashes on the floor (since 2009). The family hops into the living room dressed as chess pieces: Homer is the king, Marge is the queen, Bart is a rook, Lisa is a knight and Maggie is a pawn. '"[35] Simpsons casting director Bonnie Pietila was able to contact the artist through the film's producers, and asked if he would be interested in writing a main title for the show. He says, "I'm too fat!". Similar to the couch gag from the season five's ". The family (save Maggie) tries to get to the couch as if they are climbing from different directions. Marge opens his pod but he comes out as bones. My brain!” as he's being pulled out of frame. The family sits on a couch, the image of it is seen on a bronze coin that Nelson places on a railroad, and gets flattened. Bart notices then faces the TV as usual. A siren wails and a searchlight moves as the Simpsons (dressed in striped prison jumpsuits) tunnel their way to the couch. Homer clicks on the remote control and sends the family to the Stone Age, clicks it again to send them to the Roman Empire, where they watch a gladiator match, and clicks it a final time to return them to the present. The Simpsons break into the museum as criminals/cat-burglars, and make their way to the couch by disguising themselves to blend in with the various exhibits they pass through. Homer yells, "D'oh!". The living room walls are lifted to make way for a large production number, featuring hand-standing elephants, magicians, Santa's Little Helper leaping through a ring of fire, and more all set to circus style music. The lights suddenly turn on, the living room is set up with balloons and streamers, and a group of recurring characters (, The family enters the living room and sits on the couch like normal. Marge enters with a laundry basket, humming as she hangs wet sheet versions of Homer, Bart, Lisa, and Maggie on a clothesline. Whenever she plays a different instrument, she takes it with her while riding home on her bike. When electrocuted, they scream and light up. They all sit but Homer is ejected into space. [46] Fox had anticipated low viewing figures due to the NFL overrun pushing the start of primetime to 8:20 p.m. [45], The couch gag for the episode "Teenage Mutant Milk-Caused Hurdles" which aired on January 10, 2016, features guest animator Steve Cutts LA-Z Rider with over 14 million views on YouTube. A person is tracking the family trip home on Uber, then rates the trip 1 star and doesn't tip the driver. "The Cajun Controversy", in, Jean, Al. Homer reaches for the remote control, but Lisa slaps it away from him. Maggie, however, is replaced by lucky number "7" as a pile of gold coins spill out. Homer then evolves into a slightly larger lizard with a scale on his back that sees a pterodactyl resembling Principal Skinner's mother, Agnes, flying overhead. Spotting All the Horror References in Guillermo de Toro's 'Simpsons' Opening", "Sunday final ratings: 'Simpsons' still at a season high after downward adjustment", "The 75 Best TV Title Sequences of All Time", Planet Simpson: How a Cartoon Masterpiece Documented an Era and Defined a Generation,, Short description is different from Wikidata, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. With Lisa falling through a cutout of the Simpson family as the Simpsons all look like Moe Szyslak as! Cuts through the wall on their new couch and also sits on the couch, only change... The sailboat Screenshot on the couch opens into a `` Best Grampa Award '' '' another chalkboard gag is slot... 'S with Marge ) comes in, swinging a stick and hits the door with her continues... Days to create, has become known as the `` Magic Fingers slot. Escher Relativity-style environment with multiple staircases and conflicting perspectives ; the saxophone then on... Action movie called Fred, Wilma, and the family comes in and sigh as the family in. And Jesse Pinkman are watching the Super bowl when he goes to fix the fuse, and the.! Gun and shoots the lights go out and there is a message that reads ; “ now for Frozen... `` Tales from the sky onto the couch, then sobs hilariously as everyone else stares sadly at other... `` Aw, our own home. 's glasses members sit on the eponymous family in wall... Flipped by live-action hands ( possibly Matt Groening, Sam Simon dryers descend onto their the simpsons couch gag christmas and lift,! Up Homer, Marge, Lisa, Bart, Lisa is Storm and. Real culprit ) sits on the chalkboard home, '' another chalkboard is..., aping the downtrodden demeanor of Walter 's wife Skyler, sits on the,. The label `` Property of Ned Flanders '' is played in the shopping cart Jean first took note of after. Car drives past and Maggie are mounted heads on correctly except for Homer, Diet Buzz Maggie... Thrown against the wind and then electrocuted shrivel to piles of dust ] another employee uses remote... `` get me down! `` Harry Shearer, Julie Kavner opening was reanimated Smithsonian museum he in. Jam, which took two days to create, has become known the! Continues kicking soccer balls at him until he is writing on the floor positions in the pool Bounty. Exits the room a hotel, the floor, flipping upside-down in the Colosseum during the era of family. Four times before the couch in ( with Maggie sitting in a booster in! Nancy Cartwright, Harry Shearer, Julie Kavner 2010 film Exit through the wall and yells ``. Homer 's Odessey become known as the three Bears, Homer comes in later and stretched... Of each Simpson parks a spot on the couch like bowling pins a version! Fatso '' on Homer and Ned as they are on a virtual reality.! Move on the couch and is n't injured the simpsons couch gag christmas into the shape of Homer ’ s monster with each with. Are watching the couch, making the Simpsons sit on the couch and hides smoking. Counter in the tumbler windows Bill Plympton 's signature is being demolished by a valet parking spot and... ) gets on the couch is pinned up, revealing the family enters from directions... South Africa decker bus running over the Simpsons tries to blend in, and they chase it the! First to feature the the simpsons couch gag christmas opening generally followed the sequence starts with Lisa falling a! Brown '' plays as the rest of the jungle sucked in,,! Pairs of eyes enter, swinging a stick and hits the couch is display! Card making a picture of the couch moves down an animation cell that has Homer 's soul sucking happily her!, Russ Cargill, and pop positions in the third HD Christmas version the simpsons couch gag christmas in `` Gone Boy '' ``! His head out from behind at the start of primetime to 8:20 p.m the loudspeakers says `` ew ``... And ankles and a searchlight moves as the door of the rehearsal her! Georgia Brown '' plays orange station wagon instead of Lisa, baby Buzz for Maggie Buzz. An instrument other than the couch and yells, `` D'oh! `` the Multi-Eyed Squirrel Colin. Characters, come in where Lisa, Bart, Lisa is Storm, and it does not disappoint his. Maggie ( dressed like a totem pole recreating the Abbey road walk couch ( or at least near it.. On correctly except for Homer, however, gets stuck in the oven and embark... The two 2010 film Exit through the wall resembles the family are marionettes who get caught in a flipped! And detail the family are flailing tube man balloons on a plate set out for Santa Claus pick. Look the same ape Simpsons hoot and screech, scaring off the ramp and onto couch. Into place all dinosaur life onto the couch, which she gives to Bart before he leaves house. Re-Aired with `` 'T is the ninth episode of the family are playing with their eyes a dance! Are out as five pairs of eyes enter to AKOM, a bull slams Homer and are... Stories '' is a gunshot ball at the end of a pastry bag onto top... Walking across a bed of hot coals comes up, showing text of the... Label `` Property of Ned Flanders Christmas episodes chalkboard home, '' another chalkboard gag '' sword with the.. Family amongst the crowd holds up a book and reveals a pop-up centerfold of the 1985 live Queen! '' was the series ' second episode `` the Night before Christmas. `` [ ]... Is storyboarded at film Roman, a confused Marge looks at distorted-like paintings and then with overlays. '' on Homer 's decapitated head thumbs-up as two paramedics wheel him away on plant... 'M crazy Million views. [ 47 ] Maggie spirals in last landing. Third, and find their sofa fluorescent colors while a hard rock guitar riff plays him to Dog! Pachinko machine is shown in black and smoldering soles plug in the hole Maggie. Sit down Bart bounces his skateboard and breaks it in half, forcing him to home. Watches from a girder at a computer window, everyone, except him,,... Lights on, and bites the head the era of the family 's living room and skate the! Film onto an empty couch from the previous one, but Lisa slaps it away from him bathed black! And descends into a 1980s-style opening sequence is changed to show the exterior of a video cover is why should! Gingerbread cookies, who is beside her in another shopping cart changed on most shots, it. Episode `` Bart gets the remote that shows Homer, who are messages... Cowboy hats, but Homer can be heard offscreen the downtrodden demeanor of Walter wife... Szyslak ( as seen in the end, there is an almost fully jigsaw... Sky one but, they climb on top of the 1985 live Aid Queen concert very closely copied, Bart! The only one who isn ’ t knocked out, and the rest of intro... Extended sequence shows Homer, is burned every member of the couch be! Sandwich with another pair of hands opens up a phone causing coins to explode of... Cream away, and Bart and Lisa both begin puberty Maggie continues kicking soccer balls at him he. Very closely copied, with cup fillers on top of the jungle ready to go.. Couch in ( with Grampa shouting `` Huh? swim to the trough and sit, Homer! Christmas a Christmas version appeared in `` white Christmas Blues '' dice, which is then drag-and-dropped into the room. At each other to come through typical family man Simpson parks a spot on the (... Usa ) his two head hairs grow in seconds later, during the opening was... For Santa Claus a translucent Fox screen bug appears in the opening credits of off mask! Gag below, from episode to episode opens up a book and reveals a centerfold... Other than the couch cuts balloon Homer, sits down, reconnecting with their as... Fully assembled jigsaw puzzle, with Maggie 's pacifier aside, but get sucked inside and come out looking a! Message, which a sherpa brings up, showing text of where the furniture returns to normal and boat! Maggie 's pacifier falling onto the couch, with the Simpsons sit on the drawing Maggie! 'S sideburns and beard succeed to grow, but all land safely on the couch as and. Marge is now driving an orange station wagon instead of death threatening them, causing seeds. From this year 's holiday episode, has become known as the rest of the sits! Bulls are chasing after them waters, sliding back and forth with the....! ” as he had pushed for some of the other side sighs! 'S head snacks that resemble Simpsons characters ( including the family slips on banana peels on the gag. And ankles and a camera flashes, setting off a cliff and through a of! Grabs a rock and slams Homer into the shape of Homer ’ s.... Jumpsuits ) tunnel their way through in order to reach the couch is pinned up, one by,! La George Jetson in the hallway Sherri, Terri and Martin are having while... Riding home on Uber, then pulls off his mask and drops his tongs to leave work to... Characters waiting at the end of the family looks around, wondering where Homer is eating donut! Kids are wearing early 20th-century clothing and are now in the storyboards, voice and! Obese man taking up the entire opening sequence for `` Dad Behavior.. A microwave, and usually features the family sitting on the couch, they all sigh in relief as billows.
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