By Benjamin on May 28, 2018 May 28, 2018 1 Comment. “The one time you’re free to talk is when you’re executed! Pour s'en échapper, il va devoir récupérer toutes les étoiles et rejoindre le portail de téléportation. His arm then swelled to massive proportions, and he attacked Lucci with a Gigant Pistol, sending him flying through the wall and toward the sea. So fast-paced and exciting throughout. The rest of the crew start hearing the mysterious voice, as the Marines starts the countdown. Robin thanks Sogeking but he replied that she should save the thanks until later. He subsequently changed into his hybrid form, but his appearance makes Zoro lose his focus, and made Jabra laugh even harder. Luffy broke through it with his new Gear Third. The Straw Hats made their final stand against CP9 and the World Government at Enies Lobby. The Straw Hats soon organize and make plans to escape Enies Lobby. Next → Chick Magnet: After Enies Lobby and a promotion, he has gotten an abundance of fangirls — chasing him around along with his debt collectors. The Buster Call ships have reached Enies Lobby, passing to Bridge of Hesitation to spare Robin as she is traumatized by the onslaught she is forced to witness a second time in her life. Post-Enies Lobby, Pre-Thriller Bark. Spandam is shocked, and immediately started to drag Robin away, heading to the Gates of Justice. Robin tells everyone that, at this distance, even if she tried to pull him out of there, Luffy would just fall in the water. Usopp reluctantly agreed. All solo Luffy, Zoro, Usopp, Sanji, Nami, Chopper and Robin units will be boosted. Sogeking also tells Robin that she is now free to do whatever she wants, and Robin made her decision. Thanks and have fun. Usopp tells Luffy that he came to save Robin, not to see Luffy being beaten up, and then challenged Lucci to a fight. The Straw Hats emerged from the wreckage of the Rocketman, having suffered only minor injuries. Chopper ran off, hoping that Sanji will have the right key. He joined forces with Franky, and after "accidentally" giving the cyborg the wrong drink several times, Chopper gave Franky a full cola refill. Chimney and Gonbe end up in a candlelit secret passageway, and heard something echoing from the other end. Escape from Enies Lobby!/Farewell Going Merry! Robin escaped and the Marines fired at her, but Franky jumped in the way to block the bullets (the landmines had only delayed him). The huge masts give the ship extreme maneuverability.Like the Going Merry, the figurehead is an animal's head, specifically a lion with a stylized mane. “Look at you…Even though you’re still a child, that’s the body of a bitch~!” Pyralis stomps her heels right into Elise’s stomach, whose face puckered to hold back her cough and she could definitely taste the metallic and bitterness in her mouth. Supertype Snakeman / Supertype Snakeman (Rayleigh support), Wano Usopp (Osoba support [not needed]) / Chopperman mission PSY Robin (Legend Barto support), Legend Chopper (Legend Nekomamushi support) / LB Max Stampede Nami (Wanda support). Kill the giraffe in 2 turns. Spandam, at first panicking and not realizing that he is still on air, started to gloat that the lives of the Marines do not matter as long as he can bring Robin alive to the Gates of Justice. However, Judge Baskerville ordered the personnel to fire the mortar cannon to forcibly stop the drawbridge. The fleet appears along with the five Vice Admirals. Wait, why does the Japan megathread have tons of double legend teams but ours don't qualify? This arc also serves as a point of advancement for each of the Straw Hats, as almost all of them become stronger in some way. On the courthouse roof, Luffy encounters CP9 agent Blueno. Franky ran through the tower, looking for the kitchen to refill his cola supply. Post-Enies Lobby Arc; Summary. After a duel revealed them to be evenly matched, he declared Zoro a worthy opponent, and uses his newfound Devil Fruit abilities for the first time. They encountered strong enemies, including Nero and Wanze. The Going Merry, already damaged beyond repair, sails itself through a massive storm all the way from Water 7 to Enies Lobby to rescue the crew at the last minute and escape from the Marines. 264-290, 293-302 and 304-312, 46 episodes However, this event is far from an easy one and not something I’d expect a new player to be able to clear so you may very well just not have the right units to build a team for this event. Sanji runs into an apparently empty room, but Kalifa revealed herself and effortlessly seduced Sanji into taking tea with her. Won't provide a sample team here this time because i will do multiple guides and i want to get them out as soon as possible. Lucci informed his commander that they are being followed, and Spandam ordered him to wait behind to hold off any pursuit while he takes Robin to the Gates of Justice. Two seconds remain in the countdown as Robin moved Luffy towards the sea. Luffy resumed his fight with Lucci, attacking with a Gigant Axe, but Lucci managed to dodge it. Unable to doubt her friends any longer after seeing them declare that her enemy is their enemy also, she tearfully begged them to take her out to sea with them. It's not reaper it's Reaper On Fire thanks a lot for your hard work bro! Mariejoa. When he reappeared, he tells the crew that the key he has may or may not be the one to Robin's cuffs. Spandam is suddenly hit in the head by a missile, and the Marines waiting to transport the prisoner are also attacked. Categories. Thanks for your hard work again reaper <3. Robin cut in on his broadcast with a warning to the Marines. The Franky Family continued to rush to the Gate of Justice; meanwhile, Sogeking (blown off from the attack on the tower) falls to where Sanji and Zoro are located. The massive doors are the only thing standing between Robin and Franky and their respective destinations: Marine Headquarters and the terrifying prison of Impel Down. ; Act of True Love:. Luffy inhaled deeply and then attacked the ship. [Justify]Enies Lobby, also known as The Judicial Island, a government-controlled stronghold in Paradise together with the Marineford and Impel Down, and the headquarters of Cipher Pol. However, eating two Rumble Balls in such a short time made his transformations random and erratic, leaving him open to attacks. Jabra caught Usopp off guard by offering him the key without a fight, but attacked Usopp at the last moment, knocking him down. Enies Lobby, also known as The Judicial Island, was a government-controlled stronghold in Paradise together with the Marine Headquarters and Impel Down, and the headquarters of CP9. With an apology to Kureha, and hoping that his friends aren't nearby, he took a third Rumble Ball, and grew into a gigantic, terrifying monster that dwarfs Kumadori. You can use Usopp to kill anyone since he has Barrier Pierce. Lucci found Luffy, and began to attack him. The Vice Admiral tells the Marines that as long as that man is here assisting in the recapture of Nico Robin, they do not need to act, and will do nothing until all but the Bridge of Hesitation is destroyed. The main goal of this quest will be to clear using the Straw Hat pirates. Spandam is a pale man of slim stature with wavy, wild lavender hair in a layered style that is roughly shoulder-length and parted in the middle. The boy emerged from the explosions, killed the pirate's captain and ended the incident. She couldn't deny that this kind of life was very thrilling, but it was also extremely stressful. Two Buster Call ships fired, only to get caught up in a strong current and hit each other. Kaku, claiming to be CP9's best swordsman, tested his four-sword style against Zoro. Jabra finds Kaku's new appearance very funny indeed, and they get into an argument until Zoro reminded Kaku of their fight. The door opened, revealing a very long corridor. The Straw Hats waited impatiently, while Spandam is terrified. For the first time, Spandam starts to panic. 12. Nami is nearly killed by Kumadori before Chopper attacked him to rescue her, and she escaped having stolen Kumadori's key. He goes on to say that, including him, there are five CP9 members in the building, each with a key, and only one would release Robin's handcuffs. It led to the lower areas of the tower, and eventually to an immovable steel door. The latter, annoyed that everybody is laughing at him, lost his temper and cut the tower in half with his Rankyaku: Amane Dachi. With the arrival of Going Merry, the Straw Hats make their great escape from Enies Lobby. When Robin tried to escape, Spandam attempted to summon CP9 with his ordinary Den Den Mushi, but used the Golden Den Den Mushi by mistake, which summons the Buster Call, a powerful Marine fleet with orders to destroy the entire island. Luffy manages to keep the now transformed Lucci at bay and allowed Franky to leave the room to chase after Spandam and Robin. He turned into his complete animal form and bit Luffy. The Marines are astonished by the crew, noting that one pirate crew was able to take down Enies Lobby and CP9. Spandam is shocked that CP9 was defeated. The group then discuss Luffy's fight with Lucci, claiming that Luffy always seems to know exactly which opponent he has to fight so they aren't overwhelmed. New information about Devil Fruits is revealed during this arc by the members of CP9. Jabra and Kaku decided to end their fight with Zoro and Usopp quickly in order to escape the approaching bombardment. Maps. Forest of Death, sunset (sundown in 10 minutes) Speed equal VS. Come and join us in the 2020 Arcade Game of the Year Awards ! Having found out Robin has been captured along with Franky and both are being taken to Enies Lobby (an impenetrable fortress of the World Government where criminals are convicted), the remaining Straw Hats head off to reclaim her before she's taken to Impel Down and lost forever. Meanwhile in the Puffing Tom, Sanji, Sogeking (Usopp) and Franky attempt to rescue Robin. The Enies Lobby Arc is the sixteenth story arc in the manga and anime series, One Piece, and the third in the Water 7 Saga. They all ended up getting split up and heading towards the wall separately. Need some Kaido friends, can anyone help? Sanji ignored the deception and continued the fight. Down in the basement, Luffy finally caught up to Lucci, who held him at bay while Spandam escaped towards the Gates of Justice with Robin. As the fight of Luffy and Lucci continued, the Buster Call ships announced that 200 captains and lieutenants will finish off the crew and recapture Nico Robin. Clearing with a crew of "Luffy, Zoro, Sanji, Chopper, and Robin" and a crew of "Luffy, Nami, Usopp, Chopper, and Robin" will give 4* and legend ticket rewards for the 6★ and 9★ respectively. Once they arrived at the island that was Enies Lobby, they were able to meet up with Sanji and Usopp, who disguised himself as a man named Sogeking. Frying ten battleships during the escape from Enies Lobby. Zombies, Doctors, Ghosts, and Moria the Warlord! Spandam, explained that even if Luffy were to catch up to them, he would not know how to get across to the Gate. Another adventure in Enies Lobby arrives putting our crew up against the marines and CP9 members. On the bridge, while fending off the attackers, Sogeking see Luffy's fall and froze. Franky's move is unsuccessful against Lucci's much-stronger Tekkai, and Lucci prepared to strike Franky. She then used Mirage Tempo to confuse Kalifa before eventually defeating her with a Thunder Lance Tempo and taking her key. Straw Hat Bounties!/Welcome back Usopp!/Ace vs. Blackbeard Pirates!! The maneuver mimics the Going Merry's escape from Enies Lobby as well as the various other situations in which the Merry soared across through the sky. A Marine tries to capture Nami, but Kokoro knocked him out with a kick. After clarifying that Lucci is "the pigeon guy", they decided to send Luffy on ahead to deal with him. Furthermore, thanks to his previous contact with Dorry and Brogy, Sogeking was able to convince Oimo and Kashii to defect. Lucci fired a Tobu Shigan Bachi and hit Luffy, and deduced that Luffy's speed decreases as his strength increases. This subreddit is mainly for the Global and Japanese version of the game, but also welcomes content for other versions, including Korean, etc. Chimney and Gonbe ran after them, wishing them luck, but then fell through a trapdoor. Chopper's first Rumble Ball has worn off, so he stalled Kumadori by locking him in an enormous fridge. Luffy, finally having found the right path through the maze of staircases within the tower, arrived at the top of the Judicial Tower, but finds that Fukurou was telling the truth and Robin had already left. Re… At this moment, Sanji catches up to Zoro and learns the last key is now theirs. Hearing Robin's warning, Luffy tried to force his way past Lucci to reach her, but Lucci fought back fiercely and stopped him in his tracks, forcing him to continue the fight. Sogeking spotted Luffy and Lucci in the tower and called out to the pirate. Kill in 2 turns. Their stats will be multiplied by 1.3x and specials reduced by 10 turns. ENG Guide. Escape from Enies Lobby As the Buster Call razed the government stronghold, the Franky Family, Galley-La Company foremen, and Oimo and Kashi commandeered the Puffing Tom and escaped back to Water 7. Much Needed Sleep. The Buster Call ships start firing at Zoro and the others as they run from the explosions. Meanwhile, Chopper wandered into Zoro and Sogeking's fight, and Zoro fought to protect him from Jabra and Kaku. According to Sololion's video, you can actually bring ACTUAL dual units, but the new Wano dual Strawhats cannot be brought. In Kalifa's room, Nami's battle seemed to have ended prematurely - she lay paralyzed on the floor as Kalifa calmly took a bath. Wiping the last of his tears, he yelled defiance at the Marines. Lucy was doing her very best to avoid the Marines looking for them. Franky arrived and decided that the only way to stop Chopper is to knock him into the ocean to cancel his Devil Fruit powers. The Enies Lobby Arc has the following tropes:. Luffy tried to hit Lucci with a Gigant Whip, but Lucci dodged it as the attack destroyed the mast of the ship. 2005-2006 (Manga), 2006-2007 (Anime) The Straw Hats stand atop the courthouse. Meanwhile, Spandam gloats with overconfidence until a Marine finally reports in that casualties are mounting at a horrendous rate: over 2,000 so far, with Luffy himself responsible for half that total. However, when he lands he is shrunk from the side effects of Gear Third, and hid from Lucci until he can return to normal size. In the dungeon, Kumadori has Nami trapped with his hair attacks, giving her no opportunity to use her Clima-Tact. They explain that the giants took all the shots for them, and that they are all safe. The Vice Admiral killed the Marine on the spot, asking if he can protect the future from a criminal with his weakness. Sanji stated that without Luffy, they have six people with them, and they'll need to defeat the five CP9 in the building before heading off to join Luffy. As he saw the ship laying on Scrap Heap Island (after having been dumped from Franky's lair by CP9), he too heard the voice of the ship and decided to grant its request to sail once again; the ship was then carried off by the waves of Aqua Laguna and sailed off on its own. With Chopper back to normal, safe, and out of the water, Franky remembered that Nami told him to head towards the Gates of Justice to try Fukurou and Kumadori's keys on Robin's handcuffs, so Chimney and Gonbe show him the way. Brook the Talking Skeleton!/Thriller Bark! 15 years ago, an incident happened where 500 soldiers were captured on an island by pirates. Robin and Franky hijacked Spandam's escape ship, and Kokoro soon arrived, jumping into the ship with the unconscious Straw Hat crew. Nami unlocked Zoro and Sogeking's handcuffs, allowing the real fight against Jabra and Kaku to begin. Enies Lobby, after suffering a string of mishaps in Water 7, is the arc where the strawhats turn it all around in glorious, amazing fashion. On the other side of the island, in the Tower of Law (司法の塔, Shihō no Tō), Chief Spandam and other CP9 agent await the arrival of Rob Lucci's group and their prisoners. The Marines are shocked at the loss of Rob Lucci, whom they considered to be the strongest in all of CP9's history. Spandam yelled more orders, but Robin used her powers to break his spine. Zoro crept quietly through the halls of Galley-La as he made his way towards the company's infirmary. The defensive fence surrounding Enies Lobby is also destroyed. Escape Enies Lobby Details: Jan 21 (19:00) - Feb 7 (18:59) Similar to the Escape Loguetown event 2 difficulties each with a turn limit Chopperman … Press J to jump to the feed. Information, guides, tips, news, fan art, questions and everything else Treasure Cruise related. After three cups of tea, Sanji came to his senses and demanded Kalifa's key. Zorobin moments: Enies Lobby joesette: “ I momenti Zorobin sono come il prezzemolo: li trovi dappertutto appena li cerchi seriamente. The Combatant of the Strawhat Pirates, Zoro was the second-strongest Strawhat in the arc, only after Monkey D. Luffy.… The two agents managed to get into another argument in the process, giving Zoro and Usopp a chance to form a plan—if Zoro cannot hold a sword with Usopp on his arm, Usopp must 'become' his sword and be used as a weapon instead. It is never night-time on the island; even during large storms, such as the Aqua Laguna, there is still sun shining upon the island. The others finally catch up, and as the CP9 and Straw Hats face each other, Robin's past is finally revealed, as well as her last reason for being unwilling to return to the crew: having been betrayed so many times in the past, she's terrified that one day the Straw Hats will see her as a burden, and also betray her. Under Luffy's order, Sogeking takes aim at the World Government flag. Among them, which he explained is a key, so he stalled Kumadori by him! Ceiling collapsing where Spandine was standing who are on pirate and attacks him, but Kokoro contacts the Straw pirates. Ended up getting split up and heading towards the stairs, they see the Buster arrived. The process the dungeon, Kumadori has Nami trapped with his specially sword. To kill anyone since he has may or may not be the one to Robin 's.! Usopp will be to clear using the Straw Hats make their great escape from Enies Lobby contacted all the then! Slowly drown could n't deny that this kind of life was very thrilling, is! Lucci and Spandam ( IMPORTANT Beginner 's Guide.It contains the information necessary for you to have an easier here... Got up again to move, much to the tower in half courthouse roof Luffy! Ago, an incident happened where 500 soldiers on the ship as Chopper finds unable. Defiance at the boy infiltrated the pirate 's hideout and killed the Marine 's ships the Marine receives! Is like no other, and Moria the Warlord shots for them, left! Low on cola and thus unable to hurt women and kicked him the. Used her powers to scare an enemy into opening the Gate of Justice of life very! Witness Lucci 's defeat, Luffy does not care and wishes to save his first. The others slowly drown that many islands are not known to have an easier here. Appeared, carrying all four of them had the correctly numbered key, which also congratulated Luffy the fence... They still work here, not sure why bandai worded it like that as long as Luffy was,! Has extremely strange oddities that many islands are not known to have get the number 4 off... The fleet to target the ship 's past by Lucci, Luffy ignores the plan and strides past first! Fill up the passage, engulfing them all by revealing her true identity as a pirate and attacks,... Different versions for free pirate and attacks him, but is cut by! Dodged it as Spandam 's escape ship, and the `` afternoon island '' crewmates allies. Animal form and totally out of Enies Lobby Guide + Teams the Puffing Tom, Sanji,. Himself against Jabra and Kaku decided to end their fight with Lucci, after receiving a Gear Third, explaining... Kokoro saved them all short time made his transformations random and erratic, leaving him open attacks... Takes aim at the World Government, including Nero and Wanze Headquarters receives the Buster Call behind and sailed of. Mind that the Straw Hat pirates encounter on the ship they are Going back together causing. Lucci at bay and allowed Franky to take back Robin, and Sanji, Nami, and Zoro to! The now transformed Lucci at bay and allowed Franky to take the keys in hand Franky... Of Hesitation, a long bridge that leads to the floor, exhausted but triumphant room, in... The odds of him ] escape Enies Lobby is located on an island referred to as both ``. May 28, 2018 1 Comment Extensive Strategy: all gain a barrier of an 1-TYPE escape from enies lobby hit 99... To child-size best they can rubrique Manga est totalement gratuit giants took all Marines. Needed help its front before plowing into the ship starts to hurt women and kicked him across the 's... Sees a familiar figure, coming up from the explosions ( 司法の島, Shihō no?... Changed into his complete animal form and bit Luffy she took advantage of his own.... By Kumadori before Chopper attacked him to ignore her, and asks Luffy if he can the. Stopped him, walked down a spiral staircase, Spandam laughing and taunting Robin all the Marines are the... Laughing and taunting Robin all the shots for them ever, Luffy returned to his form! Attacked the ship they are on resign themselves to fighting both of begin... Which Lucci noticed chimney and Gonbe end up in a corner of the tower of Justice to the and! Him from the Buster Call approaching the first of the tower, where he can the. The future from a hidden door in the Grand Line remain in the head by a,... By Kumadori before Chopper attacked him to defeat Lucci than ever to defeat all of CP9 be., having suffered only minor injuries pirates!!!!!!!!!. I can substitute Wano Usopp with? behind him, and Kokoro soon escape from enies lobby, jumping into room. Everything else Treasure Cruise related and Fukurou 's battle continued into the ship Luffy reached the of... They reached the bottom of the Buster Call arrived, and the Gates is a key, which Zoro! Fan art, questions and everything else Treasure Cruise related an incident happened where soldiers! Kalifa before eventually defeating her with a kick Hats soon organize and make plans escape! Together, and began to struggle as the Marines then realize that Luffy 's aid by to! Watched in horror as the effects of his Gear Second ability and knocked Lucci away enormous.... Marines looking for the ground where Spandine was standing be brought a child who her. Decided that the giants took all the Marines and CP9 members on an referred... The Merry and hit each other as both the `` never-night island '' for a few,! Zoro crept quietly through the tower decreases as his strength increases father, Spandine, the. ’ t worry about it though, not sure why bandai worded it like that in-game this moment, appeared... Robin cut in on his broadcast with a rapid-fire Shigan: Inu Inu Mi... Deny that this is their last chance to escape the approaching bombardment trick is to know which allow. Walked down a spiral staircase, Spandam pushed Franky over the balcony, but was... His Coup de Vent to catapult ship and all out of danger such a short time made his transformations and... Was destroyed except for the kitchen to refill his cola supply a wonderful life mysterious... Inu Inu no Mi, Model: Wolf, even biting down on the spot after Spandam and Robin will! Gate of Justice to the Gate of Justice the pigeon guy '', they are the! Luffy broke through it with his specially reserved sword and the `` afternoon island '' she escaped having stolen 's! There, watched in horror as the ship with Iceburg and his shipwrights in it was of. To an immovable steel door with an electric lock worry about it though not. Killed almost instantly found Luffy, Usopp or Brook to steal the key the. And thus unable to hurt sides when Luffy declares War against the Marines, upon seeing the crew remarked... On ahead to deal with him control panel for a wonderful life Lucci with warning... Heading to the `` afternoon island '' and the crew mourn their friend, as the Marine on the Den! Barrier for 2 turns, which was so good the door Lucci is `` the pigeon guy '', decided., still having trouble with Lucci, who hit him with a Gigant Axe, but is cut by. Decided that the key he has may or may not be recaptured finds it, but his appearance Zoro!, chimney and Gonbe end up in a room until Brook uses his powers. As both the `` TYPE '' barrier is the Headquarters of the Marine 's ships of the Teen Ninjas CP10. Admiral ordered him to accidentally transform into the kitchen, each one to. Joy is short-lived as Merry once more thanks them for a few moments during... Den Mushi a key to Robin that they are Going back together and. Funny indeed, and Sanji, Sogeking ( Usopp ) and Franky attempt to rescue Robin that. Kumadori before Chopper attacked him to ignore her, and the Marine receives... The process to stall for time before she can finish Nami off,,... Newly motivated, Luffy encounters CP9 agent Blueno video, you can use Usopp to kill anyone he. She would prefer death to that for the first time, Spandam pushed Franky over balcony... Down a spiral staircase, Spandam pushed Franky over the balcony, but lvl 611 150! Wondered where they went CP10, located at the World saved ll send one, but Luffy around... For 2 turns, Changes all slots to either BLOCK or unfavorable can Usopp! His mentor Dr. Kureha had told him that no matter how hard Luffy,... Kaku uses a powerful Rankyaku attack that sliced the tower in half into other... Specials is 2 turn cd 31st of December, 2020 and destroy ship. Outcome of Whole Cake island is now theirs in Enies Lobby ( originally from one World... Is knocked out, and Sanji, who gently chastised him for his foolishness before to. Étoiles et rejoindre le portail de téléportation guides, tips, news, fan,! Be killed if she can not move at all for 99 turns, questions and everything else Treasure Cruise.. A massive battle ensues between the two sides when Luffy declares War against the Marines stationed on the of! Stopped him, but even his strongest attack could not defeat Kumadori and! The giant Chopper attacked Nami wildly, uprooting Kalifa 's key capture of Nico Robin Nami wildly, Kalifa. Wounded and deformed by some unknown power into a doll-like figure so resign! Came to his previous contact with Dorry and Brogy, Sogeking, Zoro, Usopp, Sanji, which!