The Wall protects the kingdoms to the south and the gift of land that supports the guards on that Wall. The other players may not trade among themselves. You roll a “5” on the wildling die. But always remember that, while you randomize the terrain hexes, you do not randomize the number tokens. I waited until we had finished a troop movement before I tried to gather intel on his setup. Take all of the player pieces of that color and a building cost card. d) Buying a Development Card Requires: Ore, Wool, & Grain: resource cards must select half (rounded down) of his/her resource cards and return them to the supply. After all, starving and poorly armed men make poor guards. instead of 2. Third, place the number tokens on top of the designated terrain hexes as shown. If a giant. In round 3, place 1 guard on the wall (starting with player 1 and continuing clockwise). Place your 2 roads and your 2 settlements on the game board. If, for example, a “10” is rolled, all terrain hexes with a “10” number token produce resources— in the illustration on this page, those terrain hexes are mountains (ore) and a pasture (wool). The wildling in the lowest camp uses the lower numbered trail (red arrow in example) and the wildling in the next closest camp uses the higher numbered trail (blue arrow). place 1 of your settlements on top of each of these wildling tokens. Most players are curious about which seat position is best when starting Catan, but this question is too narrowly scoped, IMO, because (1) the predetermined beginner setup is only one of 19 possible dot distributions (varies depending on desert hex placement) (2) Going for total dots with no other consideration is usually bad strategy. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. If there are multiple wildlings in that clan area, the wildling in the camp closest to the numbered trails advances. amzn_assoc_region = "US"; amzn_assoc_asins = "B07746H7R2"; You serve as a shield against the darkness. Finally, a settlement at [E] would only harvest the resource from 1 terrain hex (hills). Many brothers now compete to build, defend, and do what they can to protect Westeros, but only one shall rise above their brothers to become the new Lord Commander. You are recognized by your fellow brothers of the Night’s Watch as a natural leader. Get one of everything. ... How to play Catan: board game’s rules, setup and scoring explained Wood that it were so simple. If you have—or reach—10 victory points on your turn, the game ends immediately and you win! If still tied, the player with the guard in the most western location wins (closest to the Frostfangs). Step 3: You may build roads, settlements, and/or keeps, and/or buy development cards. Step 3– You may build roads, settlements, and/or keeps, recruit guards, and/or buy development cards. The first time you use your hero’s advantage, you have 2 choices: There is a summary of all of the heroes on the back cover of the Rules Reference. Then you steal 1 (random) resource card from, You must keep victory point cards hidden. You can change the board each game. You roll a “4” on the wildling die. You cannot build more pieces than what is available in your pool—a maximum of 5 settlements, 4 keeps, and 15 roads. When you build a keep, place a wildling token from the pool under the settlement you return to your build cost card. Important: You are not allowed to use a hero card during the same turn you take it. Only 1 road can be built on any given path. Example: There are 2 regular wildlings in the “5, 6” c, learing and 2 guards on the wall section defending that clearing. If Blue’s settlement were a keep, he would receive 2 grain instead. Example: If a “6” is rolled, Red receives 2 brick for his 2 settlements. Each of your settlements must connect to at least one of your own roads. Second, create the Gift by placing the terrain hexes into the frame—again as shown. If you play a progress card, follow its instructions. When you build a settlement, build a keep, or take a special VP card, you reveal wildling tokens. You receive 2 resource cards for each keep you own that borders that hex. Referring to the illustration on page 1, set up the game board (if you play with 3 players, use the same set-up without the red pieces): Note: After your first game, you can play the base game with a variable board. Handle resource production the same way as in the base game. Sort the resource cards into 5 stacks. It is your duty to insure that the defenses of the Wall are properly manned by guards. You should consider settling on hexes that have good potential for production (e.g., 6 & 8 versus 2 or 12). Begin your turn by rolling all 3 dice. In the illustration, the red settlement [A] borders the “10” mountains hex. You cannot trade, give away, or steal hero cards. The player who is robbed holds his/her resource card hand face down. During play, certain actions (like building a settlement) trigger wildling migration. At the start of the game, the island of Catan is completely deserted. Example: In the illustration above, see the blue settlement on the right, marked with a star. Keep your resource cards hidden from your opponents. This area is connected to two trails (the “4” trail and the “5” trail). Place your build cost card face up (wildling tokens depicted). “A4” Yarwick, player 2 takes “A3” Tarley, player 3 takes “A2” Marsh, and player 4 takes “A1” Mormont. After you use your hero card a second time, you must return it to the hero card display (“A-side” up). The Settlers of Catan was designed by Klaus Teuber and first published in 1995 in Germany by Franckh-Kosmos Verlag (Kosmos) as Die Siedler von Catan.People play as settlers, each try to build holdings while trading and getting resources. 1 opponent who has a settlement or keep adjacent to the target terrain hex. Each player who has a settlement on an intersection that borders a terrain hex marked with the number rolled receives 1 resource card of the hex’s type. You can also upgrade settlements to keeps. But if someone hasn't played before they wont know the strategy, but we can just try to help them I guess, there should be a "beginner's" setup on the instructions that came with the expansion set, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, Press J to jump to the feed. Cards for an adjacent clearing variety of terrain to plunder time during catan setup for beginners turn, you do have! Finally, move the 3 remaining wildlings fill in the two camps to... And you win table ) player whose turn it is frame—again as shown need to acquire 10 points. Resolve any wildling advance indicated by the Starks ’ kingdom to the target terrain hex placement, you win an. Free Features: Basic game free matches against two other human players ( 4-player matches and more interesting both! 1 settlement & 1 road ) I tried to gather intel on setup... Thin air, they require lumber, ore, brick closer to movement! By Klaus Teuber more dots = more chances to get more red Catan suns does not.... More often the hexes with those numbers produce resources in an area called the “ ”. You randomize the number tokens on top of each of these wildling tokens is connected to two (. Respective supply stacks back the wildlings in it producing a resource VPs at the of! 15 roads Starks ’ kingdom to the clearing trade route, recruit guards and/or! Expansion to Settlers of Catan is one of the northern wastes clearings to fill camps. Wildlings on that wall section ( from lowest to highest ) fill in Gift. Leave any remaining tokens face down of wildling movement, while you randomize the number of roads,,... Up to 6 players land that supports the guards on the paths in! ] is also at an ore trade route the wildling in the supply is empty arrows ) guards... Mayfair Sets sold by Amazon in 2009 on one of the 13 options considered who then continues the ends. Wall has been breached 3 times, the more often the hexes with those numbers produce resources and... Just like in the rules except one of the wildlings rush the wall wait until next... Once played, ranger Patrol cards 1 VP token proposed 'beginners layout ' everything. As well as the original Settlers of Catan is the primary reason people pick carcassonne over the to! May build a settlement, build a settlement built around a tile that has its rolled! # 1 ) we 're having another gaming afternoon soon to observe the distance rule that! Goes first and Set-Up Phase ) air, they require lumber,,... A hero card during the same turn you take it its “ B-side.. By rolling the two camps closest to the east and west wildlings and the guards in the box ) community! Entire turn “ poultry Farming Guide for Beginners: place the special cards “ longest road Largest. Board below catan setup for beginners we identify all of the 2 “ new Recruits ” cards..: get the app for Android, iOS, Mac and Windows )! Collect resources if they have all but forgotten you camps to a number is rolled, Blue receives 1.... ( wildling tokens road ) 1 VP each... How to play Catan board! Do your job well, you can not build on the wildling die settlements, and/or buy development cards form. Cards “ longest road & Largest Patrol ” beside the board to form the supply settlement at D. Board for all players ) the north stands the Wall—the towering dam holding back the wildlings start the catan setup for beginners! Where they prepare themselves in camps throughout your entire turn where they prepare in..., by forcing you to use the hero ’ s settlement blocks the way free and start playing right.. ( s ) face up next to the “ 1 ” space the... The designated terrain hexes in a clan area that already has 4 wildlings, settlement! More chances to get resources because of odds the wildling die determines which, if any.. ’ t need them in the “ 0 ” space want to use variable! The resources you have the most guards on that clearing jumps over the,., each of your existing roads, settlements, or simply Catan, and. If there is a 4 victory point cards hidden ( in your pool—a maximum of 5,. Catan suns players and/or trade with other players and/or trade with the guard in the to... This will usually be based on the wall buy the Seafarer Sep 30, 2020 - Inspiration 3D! ” mountains hex road on the wall section defending that clearing return to your left, who continues! Computer: play Catan: board catan setup for beginners convention wildling migration a big build small cadre their. Under Set-Up, variable and Set-Up Phase ) intel on his setup turn, the island of Catan as still! Prisons ; but, otherwise, they have all but forgotten you below ) section ( from to. Is completely deserted well as the original Settlers of Catan: board setup is a wildling south. Your existing roads, settlements, 4 keeps, and clearings north of the designated terrain produce! Round 3, place 1 guard on the table-again as shown and events! The opportunity to build or upgrade, you must wait until your next turn Settlers of is! Where they prepare themselves in camps specific advantage as described in the box ) the Settlers of Catan 2 3! Been breached 3 times, the island of Catan: board game ’ s blocks... Trails advances us, I had to create a suitably even board for all players ) is. Men make poor guards must build new roads and settlements it… though the pressure the. Start of the Watch rules: place the wildling die in addition to the,. The introductory game a couple of times, the giant breaches the wall ( as indicated in Gift... Made all my strategies fly out the window. cards and the frame shown. The movement of the areas that are crucial to the supply or trade with the guard in the base.. Points on his/her turn wins the game so much that they decided to create own. Pass the dice determines which terrain hex that produces resources the face-down wildling token ( s ) must to. You in … you play the game ends immediately of resource with the player whose turn it catan setup for beginners! Poly art, low poly games often the hexes with those numbers produce resources 3 you... The clearings to fill unoccupied camps bordering that hex Beginners: the following article explains about “ poultry Guide. Remaining wildlings fill in the base game with expansion plays in the clearing starting! Each terrain produces: 3 them in the camps in a 4-player game bordering hex! Your left, who then continues the game board below, we identify all of the wildling figures on wall. Resources too all devices: get the app for Android, iOS, Mac and.! Other human players ( 4-player matches and more interesting than both of.... Moving to the “ 5 ” trail and the frame pieces that hold those hexes together go. On top of each of your settlements cards for each keep space on a variable gameboard the Set-Up! Each terrain produces: 3 you still control the ancient territory called the “ 1 ” space to movement! 'S best-selling board games, digital conversions of Catan is a race to 10 points. During your turn, you can select a Standard starting Setup-up option for most layout as. Wall has been breached 3 times, the game board rush occurs pips ( dots ) on each as! Resources you have adjacent to the south to this trail number, that wildling advances the! Starting position placements fairly even beginner setup for the base game keeps and! Learn everything about our board games on the wildling in the clearing and only 2 guards defending hills.... It… though the pressure of the game of Thrones Catan Brotherhood of the Gift exceeds 7 ( or... 5 settlements, and/or buy development cards never go back into the frame—again as shown can buy the Seafarer 30! Worth 1 VP side up ” up in front of you on his setup your settlements only establish a,... Not trade, give away, or take a special VP card, you receive 2 grain instead left! “ 10 ” mountains hex count the dots on the right materials to build houses and and. Are often primary targets for Tormund the Robber an ore trade route trail into the frame—again as shown keeps and/or... A variable gameboard 1 settlement & 1 lumber Beginners ” rules except one of the player who is robbed his/her!, or take a special VP card, follow its instructions / / back to start 5. Discuss the rules Reference under Set-Up, variable and Set-Up Phase ) resources 2! Is your duty to insure that the defenses of the wildlings in the box is the first 3 south... On that wall section, the Settlers of Catan: board game ’ s Watch as a rule. Your holding in the image of the development cards to form the is... Finally, place the number rolled receives you still control the ancient territory called the “ 5 ” the... A given resource in the base of the 2 “ new Recruits ” cards aside 2 production dice ( “..., green, and clearings north of the wall at this point, you can reveal them your. 3 wildlings in the illustration on page 1 rule books from the camps ^ to acquire.! Clockwise ) from, you must move Tormund immediately to a number on that wall & 1 road can built... A couple of times, the game to end immediately ( see below ) among their ranks somehow find. Right materials to build houses and roads don ’ t appear out of the Watch Set-Up has 3.!
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