Please contact your local fly shop to process a custom reel order. Added value services include chromating, laser engraving, aluminum pad printing, custom anodizing services and more. Other products include 8-inch and 10-inch powder-coated Pancake … PREVIOUS CUSTOM Request for re-anodizing, re-chroming fishing reel parts. Reels. REEL COLORS / AUSTRALIA Mailing Address: 1A Salisbury Street Moonee Ponds Vic, 3039. Answer: Anodizing is a chemical process that creates a coating on the surface of a metal (usually aluminum), which makes the metal more durable and resistant to scratches and dings. What We Offer: Type II anodizing … CURRENT … Anodizing … Striker bow, yoke and link string set - $85. All Nautilus reels can be ordered with custom colored housings and spools. Anodizing services from clear anodizing to hard coat anodizing … VIEW ALL CUSTOM ANODIZING. THE TAYLOR CUSTOM SHOP … Because the porosity and the barrier layer of the anodic coating provide the path for the current to flow through during electrolytic coloring, they greatly affect current efficiencies that cause metal deposition, thereby controlling the apparent color and uniformity of the final product. IMAGES OF ALL OUR PREVIOUS CUSTOM Match the Catch with a custom anodized fish pattern reel! Regal's Custom Color Tool Bars for Fly Tying Vises are beautiful and one of a kind and enhances your fly tying experience. The cost for a custom colored reel in a single color is an additional $100 per reel. The cost for a custom colored reel … Custom and Power style handles. Phone Number: Ric Martin 03 9370 4835. Unless local, a customers will package mail insured to us their reel so that we strip/anodize it to the color specified. With a retail price of $265 you want find a reel with better value! It is necessary to tightly control the concentrations of sulfuric acid, dissolved aluminum, and hard coat additive, as well as the bath temperature, air agitation, voltage, voltage ramp rate, and current density. We build the highest quality CUSTOM big game products & teaser reels in the world.. … Fin Daybreak 153 #2 Rods with Adjusta-Butt $ 825.00. Convert your single speed reel to … Anodizing process requires 4 weeks on average. PRICE: $180-$199 + COST OF THE REEL. Nautilus Reels. Nautilus CCF-X2. Any reel without a Hooker Electric motor: Any reel with a polished finish with a Hooker Electric motor: Any reel with a polished finish without a Hooker Electric motor: If two separate colors are requested, additional charge per color. Prospects should have "bright-dip" anodizing technology, as the original side plates are not satin … Whether you call it off shore, deep sea or big game fishing, our conventional reels … Places to get specialty technical conversions done or obtain custom parts. These beautiful reels are all hand anodized one at a time creating a truly unique fly fishing tool. Only downside with re-anodizing is the prep can change the tolerance's ( this is a result … Custom frames and plates. you design your engraving and we will thrill you. Here you will be able to see what your reel looks before you order it. Type III anodizing is ideal for parts that rub together. VIEW ALL CUSTOM ANODIZING. Whether you call it off shore, deep sea or big game fishing, our conventional reels … Select options Details. When used as a dredge reel, it will troll 3-tier mullet rigs without the … The return shipping fee for your reel is a based on average size reel and rates, but will be subject to increase if your reel is larger model or has more components than stock. IRT ® Reels are manufactured in Pine Grove, PA at our state of the art LEED Gold designed manufacturing facility. To a lesser extent, cobalt and nickel are also used in coloring processes. ... TFO Fly Reels: Temple Fork Outfitters BVK, NXT, Power Fly Fishing Reels; Waterworks Lamson Fly Reels: Cobalt, Speedster, Litespeed, Guru S, Remix, Liquid Fly Reel ... Regal's ultra saturated anodizing … Nautilus Reels. CUSTOM ANODIZING STYLIZE YOUR REEL IN LIMITLESS CHOICES! Nautilus X-Series. Home: About Us Contact Information. Pro Team  |  Charter Captains Warranty & Manuals Dealer Registration Shipping Info  |  Terms of Service Return Policy  |  Privacy Policy, Penn International 80 VISW Detachable Reels, All anodized reels require up to a 4 week lead time, Includes Chromic Acid Anodizing (Bengough-Stuart Process). Anodizing Powder Coating Tournament Awards Restorations. Anodizing varies from batch to batch, so we encourage our customers to order a spare spool at the time they order the original reel in a custom color to ensure a proper match. Reel Colors provides custom color anodizing and custom engraving for your Penn International and Shimano Tiagra fishing reels. Teaser Reels Power Handles Rod-Rings Z-Rods Yacht Clocks. Select the model of reel that you would like to customize in our custom shop. Taylor Fly Fishing Reels … Rod Rings are a simple way to protect your reels … Reels. View Company Profile View CAD Drawings. Products: Engraving Anodizing Powder Coating Tournament Awards Restorations. Penn® International® and Shimano Tiagra® Reels are widely accepted as the number one choice of serious offshore anglers and captains worldwide and now you can have them custom designed the way you want to give your professional reel your own unique style. November 19, 2020. Contact Us. The anodizing is done using the sulfuric acid process, which is generally with the addition of some kind of hard coat additive and DC rectifiers. It didn't take long before we expanded the high-tech reel series to include advanced models, all of which have been readily accepted by serious angler fishermen. Only logged in customers who have purchased this product may leave a review. The electrolytes used in these processes are acidic and typically contain dissolved tin, hence the name, “The Tin Process”. They remain in the coloring solution for a minute or two, to let it penetrate and saturate the pores of the anodic coating before applying the AC current. Anodizing varies from batch to batch, so we encourage our customers to order a spare spool at the time they order the original reel in a custom color to ensure a proper match. Nitro and Striker … Sapphire Blue, Candy Apple Red, Deep Black, Burnt Orange, Lime Green, Gun Metal, Silver Matte, Silver Chrome, Pink, With Motor Sapphire Blue, With Motor Candy Apple Red, With Motor Deep Black, With Motor Burnt Orange, With Motor Lime Green, With Motor Gun Metal, With Motor Silver Matte, With Motor Silver Chrome, With Motor Pink. Fin Daybreak 153 #4 Rods with Adjusta-Butt $ 840.00. Nautilus X-Series. The current causes the tin metal to be deposited into the anodic pores, starting at the base and building upwards. It also provides better adhesion of lubricants to raw metal and reduces galling of threaded components. The end result is a denser, wear-resistant oxide layer that creates a harder and smoother finish than Type II anodizing. Hooker Electric offers you custom anodization service in support of several popular colors. Custom Flemish Twist Bowstrings with slicks and whiskers are available in any color - $35 . (305) 625-3437. FINISHES RANGE FROM TROUT SPECIES TO LIGHTNING BOLTS AND EVERYTHING IN-BETWEEN.

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