Hence the short butt long tip "BSAS" conformation of some of the better iterations. Each of our tapers are named after a world class Oregon fly fishing river. Amherst Scarborough 8653 3/2 8.5 ft 5 wt 95 is actually 91 station. If someone asks me about a fast rod, I always think of Lisle Dickerson, although there certainly were many others. A Powell B taper by definition is a straight taper. All tapers are based solely or partially on the combinations of these basic deviations from the SLT. 0.214 (Robin Haywood). characteristics. raywright. Is the 8013 just a 6" longer 7613 or what are the differences? 25    .156        .310 We build, restore and repair rods for local fly fishers as well as for customers across the United States. (David Atchison), Didn't Dickerson make his own ferrules and weren't they slightly oversized? OK, the rod was a Paul Young Perfectionist. What you have done is show the slope to the tip to butt. (Will Price). A Master's Guide to Building a Bamboo Fly Rod which democratized the craft and opened up the process to thousands of aspiring builders. (Mark Dyba), Heh, nothing wrong with that. The 8013 is a faster rod with a stiffer tip which makes it capable of handling more line at a greater distance, the downside is that it won’t fish as well up close. In the upper left corner, in blue, you'll see the real measurements we took, for all 3 flats at each measurement point. European_Rod_Tapers (2006) – (Wolfram Schott) – About Spey Rods, Grant’s Greehart Rods, Hardy, Pezon et Michel, Hørgård, Sharpe, and Tapers of 24 One-Hand- and 25 Two-Hand Rods. 15    .128        .278 (Tom Peters), 0.066 0.160 I think it is a fantastic taper. A basic look at bamboo fly rod tapers. Made by Top Ten Tapers in Twinsburg, Ohio. That is up to the tip  transition point, or max tip stress point according to Garrison. Are you so precise in your planing that all your stations are bang on, with less than .001"? He can correct this if he is still hanging around. (Robin Haywood). It might depend, but only a bit, on what you call "very nice" and I see that your figure for station rise was almost exactly the figure I suggested. I've been working. Design notes:  Dennis Higham's 861711 found in David Ray's taper archive is also designated a 'D' model. 5      .326    .168 Help from forum members would be welcomed. It's a 7 wt too but being a little shorter is easier on the arm and shoulder due to the shorter lever arm length. Both our Rubicon and Touchstone series bamboo rods only use historic tapers from some of the great makers such as Granger, F.E. 40             0.184 Dickerson rods have the charm of  being different (and scarce). This is, of course, wildly unsatisfactory, but all attempts to reduce the problem seem to last for only a short time. 0.256 BTW, Paul, different strokes for different folks. In addition to crafting new fly rods, Top Ten Tapers offers restoration services for any bamboo fly rod that needs repair. Just for once I'm going to recommend a step down ferrule! Deduct 0.006 from butt, 0.004 from tip. i tip is 1" short, 1 tip, 5" short. 0.350 Moving a Dickerson 7613 down to a … Although Dickerson preferred rods like the 8013, 7612, and the like, it was the quicker rods such as the 7613, the 8014, 8014 guide, 8015, 8015 guide, that put him on the map. Worked well enough for me to pass the test. Wayne Cattanach. These tapers include Dickerson, Payne, Leonard, Granger, Young, Cattanach and many others. By 1948 he was experiencing an extraordinary burst of rodbuilding creativity. From repairing a broken rod to restoring a vintage rod or family Trying to make sense of the info available online for Dickerson 7613. (Bob Norwood). Station    Diameter Halstead. Or, if these are not good tapers for this, any suggestions as to which tapers would be? I don't find the 7'6" length to be too short. Fly Rods. Just a topic to ponder on these slow summer days. DICKERSON 7012 - 7' 2/2 - 4wt - honey colored - medium action, wonderful 4wt $ 1950us w/two tips. If you decide to switch tapers, the Granger Aristocrat would make a fine replacement. To my knowledge there are at least 3 versions of the 7613 out there. If you want the rod to have the  same characteristics as before the change, the you must add some cane  to the mid/butt of the rod to maintain the balance that was there  before. 0.308 I'll give you a bit of background on the question. Changes which result in ferrule sizes right at 1/2 of a 64th of an inch might need to have their flat to flat diameter increased or decreased a little, especially when using step down style ferrules. All measurements were taken over varnish. The swell should start in front of the cork, at least 3" to 5". How would you characterize their casting characteristics? Mrs. Dickerson also was a-warded the prise for the largest taylor caught and was awarded a rod do nated by Jerry's Sport Shop. Ya'll, I have built this & I use a 6 weight forward on it.    85               0.296         138357     55             0.2275 In fact I've just made a new tip for it as the original developed a kink when being cooked to set off the UHU which no amount of ironing will remove.

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