Lemon balm kills off and repels viral and bacterial cells, all while strengthening lymphocytes so the immune system can further fight off the virus. While you may have been told that POTS is an autoimmune disease and that your body is inexplicably attacking itself, this is misguided information and should be discarded immediately. Classic sugar cookies made with only clean ingredients. However, it was created for an entirely different purpose. I have not dropped a pound. Antidepressants are typically prescribed for Fibromyalgia and weight gain is definitely a side effect of these. Cran.. - These days, the only research that gets decent funding is the kind that is related to genes. Now it was not the fault of modern medicine, but the fault of the one who was sick. Sleep Disorders. If you have friends and family who love and support you, lean on them and ask for help. You don’t have to be using.. - Really done with the whole situation. This specific variety of EBV produces neurotoxins that float around and swell up the nerves, preventing you from exercising and causing brain fog. - These things feed EBV more than anything and should be avoided when you are trying to heal from POTS. Chemicals called PFAS are also found in non-stick cookware. One of the theories was that the antibody was produced by the body in order to attack itself, causing the myriad of symptoms patients were complaining about. It is also one of the most powerful herbs for restoring the adrenal glands. The antibody is not fighting against you, but rather working for you. The disorder often starts feeling like a heart or digestive problem, but POTS is actually a disorder of the autonomic nervous system. The neurotoxins are created by the virus called Epstein-Barr Virus (EBV) sitting in the liver for a long period of time. This is good news. Often the only relief is laying back down. Lack of sleep and the lack of stage 4 sleep seen in FM patients can cause weight gain, as recent research has noted. The virus is not a trigger, the virus is the cause. If you or someone you love have been diagnosed with Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS), there is likely a lot of confusion surrounding your doctors visits. It is doing everything it can to fight EBV, and it will be even better able to fight it with this information and the right foods and supplements. In fact, weed might even help you maintain your weight. In this recipe, the eggs are replaced with baby pota.. - I have OCD and depression so I knew it was best for me not to be constantly weighing myself, but over the past year I’ve gained somewhere from 30-50 lbs. I have tried methyl-b and various other supplements, but none have seemed to restore my energy level. Juice celery with a family member every morning and make it part of your home life. Celery juice contains undiscovered mineral salts that repair the central nervous system. If you have POTS, your body is not attacking itself. However, that has only been a background explanation. This recipe uses millet or gluten-free oatmeal with the addition of a secret weapon: wild blueberries. Close. Specifically, stay away from eggs, pork, and all dairy, no matter what mammal the milk has come from. The researchers found that, among the people in the study who smoked marijuana regularly but did not smoke cigarettes, the more often they smoked pot, the more weight they gained. I admittedly did not have a great diet/exercise routine (aka none), but over the last month or two I have been working hard to eat healthier and take walks several times a week. Before starting on the work to uncover the root cause(s) of my illness my alarming weight gain kept increasing at a rapid rate. Each of these three recipes has a mustard flavor and consistency that is unique from the others. In the new study, Qi Sun, a nutritionist specializing in diseases correlated with obesity, studied the chemicals’ relationship to weight gain. My (remote) graduation is this week and I’ve never felt worse about myself. POTS is specifically a neurotoxin disorder. Indulge in this delicious stack of strawberry and vanilla pancakes topped with a sweet strawberry sauce. This prognosis can make people feel helpless, with no hope for their health to improve. There are so many wonderful teas available to us today, such as nettle leaf, peppermint, lemon balm, and ginger. The Honey Mustard is sweeter, the Zucchini Mustard has a thinner consistency, and the Potato M.. - 1) Digestive problems. The True Cause of POTS A relatable example that will probably sound familiar to you is the modern day research of genes. So it is not surprising that doctors would choose to try ivabradine in these conditions. Hormone medications were in production and ready to be released, so the pharmaceutical industry knew they could make more money by telling these sick women they needed hormone therapy. These wonderful muffins will bring festive flavors into your home anytime of year. The one suffering became the scapegoat every single time someone came in complaining about symptoms that baffled the doctor. If you would like to communicate with us, please visit our website at http://www.medicalmedium.com. The antibody was actually created to fight Epstein-Barr Virus. Neither Anthony William nor Anthony William, Inc. is a medical doctor or other licensed healthcare practitioner or provider. Losartan (cozaar) does cause weight gain I have gain more than 150lbs since I started taking it and my Dr. Just figured this out and had switched me to another high blood pressure medicine . Weight Gain on Florinef December 6, 2016 “Florinef has definitely helped the symptoms from POTS/Vasovagal Syncope. Allergy symptoms. This is only a theory that has become law in modern medicine due to the perpetuation of a practice that keeps the healthcare industry safe from being blamed themselves. Weight gain soon followed, along with the health issues, and miscarriages. If you have been told told to stay away from these foods, now is the time to bring them back in and know that they are some of the best foods for your body. It.. - I have had my thyroid checked multiple times within the last few months and it is normal. Thousands of people have been diagnosed with an autoimmune disease such as POTS. However, these foods are actually loaded with more fat than with carbs as they are typically cooked with lard, butter, oils, and other ingredients extremely high in fat. Here is a list from Wiki: Rapid weight gain This is a pure source of information that is here to help you and put you on the right path toward healing. This compounds fatigue and can impact upon quality of life. Incorporate some good herbal teas into your daily routine as well. The following are some fantastic options that help fight EBV. If you would like some ideas for healthy snack options, check out my 16 Snacks for Adrenal Fatigue that can be perfect for someone with POTS. Belly fat. ... I’m also on Zoloft and hormonal birth control, but had been on them for a long time without weight gain. Shakshuka is a Tunisian and Middle Eastern recipe of onions and tomatoes simmered with spices that usually contains poached or baked eggs. Micro-C is especially good at getting rid of EBV over time, flushing out toxins, and building up the central nervous system. He got funding and started his own research to try to find out the true cause of the mystifying diseases. I’m going to order the supplement you suggest. Copyright© 2020 Anthony William, Inc. All Rights Reserved. ... weight gain, and lightheadedness. you lose your appetite due to nausea. Imagine the mineral salts saturating your nerve endings to reboot your whole system every time you drink it. Diet and exercise are important for people living with PoTS. The medical research community cannot provide helpful answers to those who are trying to heal from POTS because they have not put enough funding into studies that can actually direct them to the true cause. Weight loss for POTS syndrome? Good carbs are things that are found in nature and they’re loaded with the nutrients and healing properties your body needs to heal. Afterall, how can you stop an intruder if you don’t know what your intruder is? There are many foods we have been told are carbs, like chocolate cakes, cookies, and donuts, and these are obviously things we should avoid if we want to heal. Made without gluten, refined sugar, dairy, bad oils, or any other common unheal.. - POT syndrome (POTS, postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome) is a heart condition that involves the body's blood vessels. It can be especially difficult having this particular disease because getting out of bed or standing up causes the symptoms of dizziness and lightheadedness, which then prevents you from doing anything at all. These include: Summary Organotins, including tributyltin, are compounds that have been shown to cause weight gain and fatty liver disease in mice. Thanks for printing this post. Cannabis Use and Weight Gain. That's the part of the body that regulates necessary-for-life systems like heart rate, digestion, breathing, urination, and even sexual arousal. My current weight is about 260 pounds and I've been wanting to shed some weight, but … Intestinal parasites are a top cause of fatigue, says Ann Louise Gittleman, Ph.D., author of Guess What Came to Dinner? POTS is still touted as being autoimmune, even while they have an idea that it is viral. Grab a cup of your favorite herbal tea and enjoy a cookie with friends .. - There is an actual antibody in those with POTS, the same antibody that is being blamed for attacking the body. Maintain normal weight and eat regular “healthy” meals; avoid weight loss or inappropriate weight gain. Anthony William, Inc. - Disclaimer for Medical Medium Blog, This blog, its content and any linked material are presented for informational purposes only and are not a substitute for medical advice, diagnosis, treatment, or prescribing. But because extra pounds can creep on as women age, a spare tire around the … Ask friends to come over to make new meals with you. Additionally, these foods are full of gluten, sugar, preservatives, dyes, chemicals, and natural flavorings, all which are not helpful in lowering your viral load. Stretch marks on the abdomen are common. The liver’s job is to push blood up to the heart; however, if the bloodstream is full of neurotoxins, the heart will have to work much harder than normal, which is part of what makes you lightheaded when you stand up. Food is often the first thing to change when healing from a disease that has been incorrectly labeled as autoimmune. There are a number of non-pharmacological treatments and lifestyle adaptations that may help POTS patients reduce and cope with their symptoms. Its entire job is to help you fight off the pathogen that has gotten into your system, the one that is causing dizziness, lightheadedness, fainting, brain fog, and fatigue. For an even healthier version, try this “oatmeal” recipe made from apples, banana, and spices! Lifestyle is often forgotten and not even part of the conversation because blaming your genes is yet another way researchers can blame you instead of taking the responsibility themselves. Belly fat is a more dangerous fat. I share more about this ‘Autoimmune Confusion’ and the misguided gene theory in Thyroid Healing, along with other current trends and belief systems that are sadly harming many peoples’ health today. Not only did they now have this explanation for the symptoms that the rest of the world would readily believe, but this theory allowed them to point the blame on the sick person. There is a real cause to your illness and a direct path to fighting it. Home - Medical Medium Podcast - Feeling super frustrated and need to vent/get advice. The chemicals can be found in nonstick pots and pans, stain-resistant carpeting, and even some types of food packaging. The reason it is critical to understand the history of the autoimmune theory is because we must first accept that our body is not attacking itself. Zinc sulfate boosts the immune system by strengthening white blood cells so that they can seek out and destroy EBV cells. It kills off the viruses and bacteria that are behind countless chronic illnesses, symptoms, and conditions and helps flush toxic viral and bacterial was.. Troublemakers That Make Us Sick: Chemical Neuroantagonists, Troublemakers That Make Us Sick: Bacteria & Other Microbes. 5. These cookies leave out the harmf.. - These little purple gems offer an explosion of delicious flavor, and their healing prope.. - The skinny on pot Despite the stereotype that stoners are lazy and constantly eating, their bodies tell a different story. What you eat can also make a difference. This Cherry Pie is full of flavor and so vibrant thanks to the deep red cherries that make this pie so special. Here’s a look at how marijuana affects weight gain and loss. The poison not only goes into the bloodstream, but it also goes into the nerves and inflames them. Was diagnosed with POTS/EDS/IBS/etc about a year ago. Licorice root destroys EBV cells, especially when they are in their second and third cycles. Wild blueberries are the star ingredient of this incredibly tasty buckle cake. Weight loss or weight gain can make coping with fatigue more difficult and if you are struggling with this, you can ask for a referral to a dietician. Sleep disorders, lack of sleep, & non-restorative sleep are all common in Fibromyalgia. According to a study published by Innovations in Clinical Neuroscience, marijuana may have the potential for weight gaining. Consult with a licensed healthcare professional before altering or discontinuing any current medications, treatment or care, or starting any diet, exercise or supplementation program, or if you have or suspect you might have a health condition that requires medical attention. However, be careful not to get trapped into a trendy diet that says you must lower your carbohydrates and increase your protein. Advice (medical or psychological) much appreciated. This means that your body is giving you a chance to truly heal, not keeping you from healing. Talk about decadence. Ivabradine for POTS and Vasovagal Syncope . Other symptoms can include purpura (spontaneous bruising) and skin tags under the arms. Goldenseal is a powerful herbal antibiotic and immune system enhancer that contains potent antibacterial properties.

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