Girl Code is an American comedy television series on MTV that debuted on April 23, 2013 that currently airs through Snapchat Discover. One of the most important Girl Code Book rules is " Thou shall not date a friend’s boyfriend/ex." Whether you plan to monitor your kids or are want help deciphering the latest text codes, online website Netlingo is a great resource. The organization works toward closing the gender employment difference in technology, and to change the image of what a programmer looks like. a code of conduct whereby a woman does not make advances towards another woman's love interest: used on TV show Love Island Additional Information Example: Love Island viewers were left unimpressed with new contestant Molly-Mae for breaking girl code and asking Curtis on a date. A getaway selection for looking to get away from outlining some thing either awkward or embarrassing.2. Girl Code in Community Dictionary 1. If you can make a guy realize just how awesome you are right at the beginning of the dating phase, he’ll fall harder for … Girl Code refers to the unwritten rules all women follow with their closest friends. It is one of the biggest sins a girl can commit according to the Girl Code. The dating girl code to be a desirable girl If you want to attract a guy you’re dating, it’s very important that you understand these girl codes on dating. Girl code: Never going out with a friends/ family members ex... Never going out with someone a family member or friend likes.. ect.. Of course, girl code comes with a long set of both written and unwritten rules, but I think some rules are more important than others, so I insist that we go over the top 10 girl code rules just to make sure we’re all keeping in line, and having each others’ backs because Lord knows, we could use it. The Girl Code is the ultimate list of rules of ethics we follow that could essentially make or break a relationship. Unlike guys, girls can lie with a perfected poise that it can sometimes be hard to decipher the meaning behind our innocent white lies, which is why I decided to share with everyone, as a fellow female, the hidden meaning of our most popular lies. Your friend might still have feelings for her ex and the last thing she wants is her best friend going after her leftovers. There’s just something so appealing about bending the truth in a conversation. It is a spin-off series to Guy Code.The series features female actresses, musicians, stand-up comics—plus a few men—who discuss the sisterhood that women share. Girls Who Code is a nonprofit organization which aims to support and increase the number of women in computer science by equipping young women with the necessary computing skills to pursue 21st century opportunities. No one is honest 100% of the time. Girls, if you want to make great friendships for life you better take heed of the 8 Rules of Girl Code. Gentlemen, feel free to ignore this one. Girl code is important too, though, and here are a few rules none of us should ever be breaking when it comes to our fellow females. Girl code rules are unspoken and often secret rules but you can give yourself a head start by knowing the basic rules that should be applied in every dating situation. Just like you don’t like us to have a peek at your “bro code,” we would like to have some privacy while discussing our girl code. Some ladies are more lenient about this rule, but the situation is tricky. Thank You! A means a woman will keep her secret and elusiveness in terms of dealing with the male number of the human being species by Calvin Report definition 1. do not date your pals ex's2. Don’t date your friend’s exes. Simple rules such as not invading a woman’s personal space as you approach her can make all the difference … It has many actions that should never make our girlfriends question our loyalty.