Dolby Digital Plus is an audio technology based on Dolby Digital 5.1, the established standard for home theater surround sound. Plug in headphones to see if there's sound. I'm stating I do not use HDMI for sound. For additional help, please see Roku's surround sound setup article. This functionality will be added soon. Ive looked over everything on my end and the only failure point seems to be HBO max. Same issue! It is limited to this app, and restart usually works, but then it happens again. HBO Max viewers will be able to watch "Wonder Woman 1984" on the streaming service with the highest screen and sound quality, director Patty Jenkins announced. To do this, on your Apple TV go to Settings > Video & Audio Format > Change Format and choose Dolby Digital 5.1 (instead of Use Best Available). Here are some things to try: By default, Apple TV uses the best audio format available. Sent from my Pixel 4 … I use a optical connection between my TV and receiver. AWestCoastDirtyBird. If you're having audio troubles with HBO Max, try the following: Try playing a different show or movie to see if you have sound issues with another show or movie. If you're experiencing low volume or no sound, please try the following: If you're having audio troubles when streaming at, try the following steps: If Wonder Woman 1984 doesn't appear to play in Dolby Atmos, please see. Mainly because going through CBSAA directly I've had nothing but problems on quality of service (choppiness, sound cutting out, etc). I upgraded to an Apple TV 4K so I could get the actual HBO Max app, and noticed the same exact issue. The audio output doesn't work the same when casting. The more information we have, the easier it will be for us to help. This device gives Ben the ability to transform into any one of ten spectacular and powerful aliens! wonder woman 1984 full movie good sound quality. Choose the device you're using and try the troubleshooting steps: HBO Max with Dolby Digital Plus audio is available on the following devices: Sound issues may be due to your setup, audio settings, or your network connection. HBO Max is the streaming platform that bundles all of HBO together with even more of your favorite TV series, blockbuster movies, plus new Max Originals. And different genres, like YA or unscripted, which HBO largely doesn't do. Kids all the way up to the young adults. The cast option is part of HBO max in the upper right corner... Its literally a function of the app. Posts. Sound quality. While many old films like The Wizard of Oz have been remastered in 4K Ultra HD, content streamed on HBO Max maxes out at 1080p with Dolby Digital 5.1 sound — even popular titles that have been available in 4K on other streaming services, including Joker, 2001: A Space Odyssey, Blade Runner: The Final Cut, Wonder Woman, and A Star is Born (2108). HBO Max delivers 1080p at twice the bitrate compared to HBO Now - 3x compared to HBO in Europe. ©2021 AT&T Intellectual Property. The issues with HBO Max are related to quality of life. How to update Chrome browser). I'm stating I do not use HDMI for sound. So far it has only happened in the HBO Max app. Get comfy, because you’ve got 100 years of epic entertainment in your hands. Try turning off Bluetooth on your device to make sure your device isn't sending audio to a Bluetooth accessory (in Settings on your Android or iOS device). © 2021 Warner Media LLC, All Rights Reserved. Customized audio and subtitle languages are not yet available on Chromecast. 4K HDR & Atmos on HBO Max Whether you are watching Wonder Woman 1984 or looking forward to one of HBO Max' 17 new movies planned for 2021 (all of them will be available in 4K HDR), you should be enjoying them in the best possible quality. HBO Max is currently capped to 1080p HD but there is some consolation. Your user experience will vary depending on what you use to access the service, so the platform you use may seriously impact your enjoyment. Viewing 0 reply threads. margaretjwalker08mtz. HBO Max Needs Dolby Atmos Support Another area where HBO Max lags behind competitors like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and Disney+ is its sound quality. .css-dixatk{color:#000000 !important;background-color:!important;}.css-dixatk:hover{color:#141414 !important;background-color:#f0f0f3 !important;}.css-dixatk:focus{color:#141414 !important;background-color:#f0f0f3 !important;}.css-1ay6ky1{line-height:50px !important;}Forums. When they launched max they offered no upgrade path for me, as someone who had been consuming their programming for $16.00 a month already through the amazon app for 4 years. Update your browser to the latest version. By default, HBO Max offers two-channel stereo at a minimum and Dolby Digital ® 5.1 as the maximum. All of our other Roku apps have sound (Hulu, Prime, Netflix, etc). Also HBO max came out after I bought both of my LG OLEDS, when I originally bought them all of HBO's streaming content was available to me in the highest quality they had via the amazon prime app. At this time, HBO Max does not offer any titles in 4K on the streaming platform. Apr 27, 2020 799. How do I cancel my subscription or trial? Very impressive. Make sure the Do Not Disturb option is not enabled on your device. Turn up the volume on your device and in HBO Max (when a video is playing, tap the screen and adjust the volume in the upper-right corner). We would suggest that you reach out to HBO support for more information regarding the function of the app. Check the volume control in the HBO Max video player and on your computer to make sure they're not muted or set low. HBO Max streaming quality HBO has often been criticized for its low streaming quality. Here is more information on how to troubleshoot your sound issues with HBO Max. Loving the new Max app, great selections, fantastic new features! You can stream HBO with Dolby Digital Plus audio on TiVo devices. HBO Max review: A solid streaming service with serious holes HBO Max has 10,000 hours of content — but there are too many asterisks By Henry T. Casey 17 December 2020 No sound or no Dolby Digital audio . The streaming service offers Dolby 5.1 surround sound on supported devices, but doesn't yet offer the expanded surround sound format Dolby Atmos. Home › Forums › Ask the Speakers › [HBO-MAX]!! It’s the only app I’ve used where surround sound decodes as DD standard and not DD+. None of that made a difference. New to the AT&T Community? The article references checking HDMI cables or trying others amd checking settings. For example, on Amazon Fire TV go to Settings > Display & Sounds > Audio > Dolby Digital Output and then choose Dolby Digital Plus OFF. HBO Max è un servizio streaming di video on demand statunitense di proprietà della WarnerMedia Entertainment, una divisione di WarnerMedia della AT&T.. Il servizio è stato lanciato nella primavera del 2020. Plug in headphones to see if there's sound. HBO Max is an American subscription video-on-demand streaming service from WarnerMedia Entertainment, a division of AT&T's WarnerMedia. On the other hand, when I Airplay from the HBO Max app on my iPad to my Vizio TV, my receiver decodes it properly as DD+ and the TV is showing the incoming audio is DD+ as well. Stream Ben 10 on HBO Max. HBO Max has announced Wonder Woman 1984 will be … Disconnect and reconnect both ends of your HDMI cable. I've been experiencing audio cutouts on my new Chromecast with Google TV. Stream Sesame Street on HBO Max. Why Kodi shows the audio track is EAC3 but is sending out DD standard is odd. A full reboot of the Chromecast did not solve the issue either. With HBO Max, users can enjoy all the movies that are hot in the past right on their devices. It looks pretty good, but it can't compete with 4K HDR. Ask a question! HBO Max is a trademark of WarnerMedia Direct, LLC. Now, the iconic series comes to HBO with 30-minute episodes, new preschool-relevant themes, new opening and closing songs, an updated set, and new segments, characters, and more. No problems in any other app so far, just HBO. Settings are all correct. Guest [HBO-MAX]!! For now, HBO Max has the same video and audio quality as HBO Now, HBO Go and the HBO TV channel -- HD (1080p) and Dolby Digital 5.1 audio. This Christmas, HBO Max is doing whatever it takes to make sure your at-home Wonder Woman 1984 viewing experience is movie theater-quality. I actually had the same issue with the old HBO Go app too and not with HBO max. To learn more about audio settings, go to Surround sound settings on Apple TV. If a show or movie is available in Dolby Digital, you'll see. Did you perform any of the troubleshooting steps? 28. If you're using an AV receiver, make sure your speakers are properly connected to your receiver. While HBO says they have DD 5.1 sound, it’s not true. Close. Set HDMI audio to 5.1 uncompressed, then select Bitstream Format and set it to Dolby Digital. Start by visiting the, how to troubleshoot your sound issues with HBO Max, connect your device to your TV using an HDMI cord, Check the connections on your TV to make sure they are tight and secure. Ball was dropped on this app. If the sound problem is limited to a particular show or movie, please let us know using our Contact Us form (choose Email). Content that can be streamed in Dolby Digital is identified … For more than four decades, 'Sesame Street' has helped children grow smarter, stronger and kinder by providing preschoolers with the gold-standard in quality educational programming. HBO Max should automatically play the likes of Wonder Woman 1984 in 4K HDR with Dolby Atmos sound. Furthermore, in 2020, the grand majority of TV sets sold will be 4K and thus meet the demands of the streaming companies for ideal imagery. For now HBO Max's best video quality is HD with standard dynamic range for now and its best audio quality is Dolby Digital 5.1. In order to get Dolby Digital Plus audio, you need to have a receiver that supports Dolby Digital Plus. Here's what you need to stream in 4K HDR with Dolby Atmos audio: 4K HDR TV that displays Dolby Vision or HDR10; Supported 4K HDR streaming device; High speed internet (25 Mbps or higher, 50+ Mbps is recommended) Dolby Atmos-capable sound system If surround sound isn't working, try changing the audio format to Dolby Digital 5.1. Make sure the volume on your TV is not low or muted. Still need help? If you're using external speakers, check your speaker cables and the volume control. Any known work around or fix for this? “Max is the rest of it. Unplug your TV device, wait a minute, and plug it back in again. Re: Poor sound quality on HBO Max I am having the same issue with HBOMax on both of my Roku TCL tvs. Our 1.4 million members typically respond within 1 hour. December 29, 2020 at 4:08 am #22193 Reply. Author. This would make the only app that doesn't HBO max. To find out how to do this, search the Internet for 'How to update + name of your browser' (e.g. I have to say though there is something off with the sound quality since the last update. We'll be awaiting your response. Moreover, another area where HBO Max lags behind competitors like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Disney+ is its sound quality. Hi HBO, thanks for responding. Try playing another show or movie to see if the issue is limited to a specific show or movie. The service will adjust the video quality based … Hopefully they'll get this issue resolved in time :) Settings are all correct. ... A subreddit dedicated to the HBO Max streaming service. Sound quality. If you're still experiencing audio issues, try switching the audio setting on your device to stereo sound. Ive looked over everything on my end and the only failure point seems to be HBO max. What you need. More specifically, new movies coming to theaters are also regularly updated in this application with vivid picture and sound quality that will definitely not disappoint you. What section of the article are you referring to? Go to Settings > Display & Sound, then scroll to the right and select HDMI audio. HBO Max will play the highest quality audio and video available for your device. Please let us know if that helps answer your question. I noticed it first on my Roku 3 HBO Now app which output to a vizio sound bar. Picture quality is definitely very good on HBO Max. Casting ti my vizio 4k TV from my Note 10. If I'm reading that HBO max does not support audio via optical correct? Posted by 7 months ago. All rights reserved. I am using HBO max what do you mean? Video is perfect but only have stereo Sound. While on a seemingly endless summer vacation with his Grandpa Max and Cousin Gwen, Ben Tennyson discovers an alien watch, the Omnitrix. This topic is empty. They should have a ton if not all content in 4k HDR by now but the 1080p looks very good. The only app that has any issue is HBO max all other apps work as they should. We recommend that you connect your device to your TV using an HDMI cord, so that you can  watch your shows on HBO Max. Archived. HBO Max doesn’t even support 5.1, much less Atmos. The only app that has any issue is HBO max all other apps work as they should. Wow thats pretty poor support. Press the Home button on your Roku remote, then go to. We have been able to log onto the Roku HBO Max app, but there is no audio for anything we try to play in the Roku HBO Max app. I use a optical connection between my TV and receiver. If changing the audio format to Dolby Digital 5.1 doesn't help, try changing the Audio Format to Stereo. I tried every sound setting there is, switching between 5.1 and stereo and bitstream/pcm. Sound quality to be ok. Like 1 out of every 10 times it works, but 9 of 10 times I don't get 5.1 sound even though the program has it. Discussion. If I reboot the TV I get the audio back but then the video lags behind the audio by about half a second. Samsung TV (models that support Dolby Digital Plus). Solved: Hello. Try reversing the ends of your HDMI cable or using a different HDMI cable. Also, we confirmed that there are no First, make sure your software is up to date by pressing the Home button on your Roku remote, then go to, Next, try switching the audio on your Roku to stereo. If you're experiencing low volume or no sound, please try the following: Turn up the volume on your device and in HBO Max (when a video is playing, tap the screen and adjust the volume in the upper-right corner). Member. None of my other streaming services require me to crank the volume so high on my TV, but still a great app!