To clean your painted & waxed piece, use a mild soap & water. 30 Creative Ways To Repurpose Baking Pans, 18 Adorable Container Garden Ideas To Copy This Spring, 25 Beautiful Things You Can Make With Rope & Twine, 26 Adorable Ornament Ideas to Get You REALLY Excited for Christmas, 10 Insanely Creative Ways to Use Pool Noodles Outside the Pool, 10 Hacks To Keep Pests Out Of Your Prized Garden, 10 Bedroom Upgrades That'll Make You Want to Be a Kid Again, 13 Adorable Coat Hooks to Hang in Your Entryway This Season, 6 Drops Essential Oil (I used peppermint). {To make my life easier!} Scrape away each bit of spray paint using the pumice stone. This is just my opinion, and I am not saying this against any product, it just isn't for me. Applying And Removing Chalk Paint Working with chalk paint is certainly fun. Clean the furniture. Apply olive oil to the spray paint using a rag. The metallic leaf is a... Did you know you can easily make a coaster out of a red “solo” type cup?! Using your paint brush, approach the hair at an angle and swoop up the loose hair, then pick off the bristle from your brush head and continue with your painting project. If the surface looks dull after cleaning, use Chalk-Tique Paste Wax to get back some luster. Chalking paint basically is a fine, white, powdery residue on the exterior paint surfaces of the home. Yes it is true! To... Did you know you can buy Christmas bulbs now at 75% off? So your mixture looks promising but what type of rag or cloth do you use to clean with and not leave lent all over furniture. On other top coats- still use a gentle cleaner. Five (5) Steps: How To Break in Your New Chalk Paint Brush. Although some degree of chalking is normal and can be a desirable way for a paint film to wear, excessive paint film erosion may result in heavy chalking. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in business administration from the University of Florida. Wipe the surface with the palm of your hand. To clean chalk painted surfaces, use a soft cloth slightly damp with water or Clean-A-Finish. Please check out my blog if you are interested in seeing more recipes for homemade household cleaners. Work slowly and meticulously, so as not damage the stucco surface. View More. ... How to Update Wood Stairs with Chalk Paint. Based in Lake Mary, Fla., Charity Tober writes mainly on finance, career, interior decorating, parenting and weddings. Paint in every direction and all over the piece. … Castile Soap is one of my favorite cleaning products and part of this recipe. ... We have Chalk Paint® available for $34.95 per quart every day, we offer low/flat rate shipping and it always ships same day (as long as Mike, our UPS guy has not come already!) When we went to clean it the oils and chalking wouldn't budge without a strong cleaner, aggressive brushing, and 175 deg water. Wholefoods or Goodness Me and even in the organic aisle at ZEHRS. Excessive chalking requires pressure-washing or sand-blasting. Thoroughly wash with a high pressure of water. Removing the Chalky Residue To remove the residue use a pressure washer and mild, environmentally friendly, soap. If you want a smoother finish for a minimalist look, lightly sand the item first, and wipe clean. Use a natural bristle brush, or you can opt for chalk paint in a spray can. I saw an antique Barley Twist chair posted on an online auction and felt my pupils morph into heart... Valentine’s Day is on the way and it’s time to think about decorating for the month of love. After the paint cures, rub a piece of white chalk all over it. Use pressure between 800 and 1200 psi so you wash but do not strip the paint off the house. Sometimes having a Christmas tree can be difficult either for financial reasons or space reasons.... No question about it, painting furniture with chalk paint is the biggest trend in the DIY World. A pressure washer loaded with a gentle cleaning solution should do the trick. Light to moderately chalked surfaces may require wire-brushing or sanding to remove the excess surface powder. Pressure wash according to proper guidelines, and let the solution stay on the wall for up to 15 minutes before removing it. Wash away the soap using fresh, clean water. I usually order it from WELL.CA but have also seen it at Canadian Health Food Stores e.g. After I have finished my first chalk paint projects 4 years ago, I was wondering how to CLEAN my finished pieces...??? How to clean floor mats in your car {EASILY} Three new products we just installed in our house!! Green Beaver is a family-owned Canadian company who mainly works with Canadian suppliers and uses only organic ingredients. Check Out These 15 Beautiful Flower Ideas For Spring, 20 Easy Projects To Help You Get Ready For Easter. Using the erasers, rub back and forth and up and down several times. Whew, where have I been? I found a set of cast iron box springs, round the corner to where we live. While many chalk paint brands say their paint doesn't require sanding, I always err on the side of caution, especially considering I sell my painted pieces. Chalking occurs most often on exterior painted surfaces, so the wash water will drain into the nearby soil. Getting Rid of Chalking Powder Before you paint, the powder must go. Never use a degreaser soap that can effect the wax. This is a very laborious process. Tip #4 Should You Wax or Not? How do I clean a chalk painted surface once the paint is cured? When Cleaning dried up chalk paint off your paintbrush you can initially try warm water and soap suds, but this won’t always work. Another Helpful Tip for Cleaning Your Chalkboard: Keep a dry rag or towel, nearby, so you can wipe off the “wetness,” after every few scrubs, so you can lower the risk of just letting chalk-smear dry. Here is what you need: 3 cups water 2 TBSP Castile Soap 6 Drops Essential Oil (I used peppermint)