Maud and Evertt’s relationship was tumultuous. After a number of years of fundraising, the society realized that the project was going to take more resources than they could gather. I also note...that I need to put more rose bushes around mine!! I had no idea that Evertt painted later on, how wonderful to own an original piece and to have met him, such a character, the sum of a very hard life.Thanks againSincerely Lynne. What a wonderful story. She died in Digby on July 30, 1970 from pneumonia. So interesting! She did see the beauty in simple things and had a child like wonder for the world around her. Her husband Everett was killed in 1979 by a burglar during an attempted robbery of the couple's house. See her comment above).My own visit to Evertt and Maud's house in Marshalltown was some thirty years or so ago. Maud Lewis, Maud Lewis House, mixed media, 4.1 x 3.8 m. Collection of the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia, purchased by the Province of Nova Scotia, 1984. The movie was deeply moving. I love folkart and this is really special. Maud Kathleen Lewis (née Dowley; March 7, 1903 – July 30, 1970) was a Canadian folk artist from Nova Scotia. Maud Lewis is perhaps Canada's best known folk artist. Maud paintings also attracted regular local patrons, who not only bought her artwork, but brought her cigarettes and food items as well. In this painting, there are trees with brightly colored fall leaves in a winter landscape. Living in poverty with her husband in a small house in Marshalltown, Nova Scotia, most of her life, she achieved national recognition in 1964 and 1965. As was typical at the time, her brother inherited the family home. The story of Maude's charming paintings really began when Maud met Evertt. Taking it Out Front: Gardening in the Public Eye. I often revisit the house in the art gallery, whenever I visit home (Dartmouth,Nova Scotia). Tribute to Canadian Artist - Maude LewisThanks for watching!Esto es un homenaje al artista popular canadiense Maude Lewis. However, Maud seemed to be a happy child who enjoyed the time she spent with her parents and brother. Apart from his old age pension, the painting Maude did before her death were Evertt's only source of income. I have never been back to Marshalltown, but understand that a replica house may have been erected somewhere in the area (near the original location, which as Anonymous indicates, was steps away from the highway).The Art Gallery of Nova Scotia has made it easy for people worldwide to visit Maud and Evertt's house. hi, I am from the area. In reaction, a group of concerned citizens from the Digby area started the Maud Lewis Painted House Society; their only goal was to save this valued landmark. He handed Evertt a twenty dollar bill and chatted respectfully with the old man. I won't forget this remarkable story. Early life. I did not know much of Maud's story at the time and have since researched a bit more and of course, watched the movie. What a lovely recounting of your visit to Maude’s. I love introducing not only Lewis but Nova Scotia to my So Cal students who are … It is quite possible that she painted this scene precisely to capture such an event. Life: "1903 Maud born March 7, the only daughter to John Nelson Dowley and Agnes Mary Dowley in South Ohio, Nova Scotia. Seeing beauty in the simple things in life, helps to distract from the physical and emotional pain of this relentless disease. Maud Dowley was born on March 7, 1903 in South Ohio, Nova Scotia and lived her entire life within a one hour drive of her birthplace. In 1984, the house was sold to the Province of Nova Scotia and turned over to the care of Art Gallery of Nova Scotia. Toward the end of her life, Maud's art did enjoy some celebrity, due in no small part to Bob Brook's wonderful photographs, an article in Chatelaine magazine and a television show on the CBC. "As with many an unwed mother in the 1960's..." Did you mean 1930's? I love the fact that he painted Maud into the artwork my Dad purchased. What an intriguing story. The final, fully restored house is on permanent display in Halifax at the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia. We still have the painting in our family it is quite a conversation piece.Earle McCoy. I love Maud's paintings and their bright cheery style, though prior to this post, I didn't know much about her personally. Maud Lewis remains one of Canada’s most revered and influential folk artists – after her death, two of her paintings were purchased by then-US President Richard Nixon. I had never heard of Maud or Evertt before. When the last of her paintings had been sold, Evertt began to paint his own artwork. Since I love painting that is the first thing that captured my interest. After a number of years of fundraising, the society realized that the project was going to take more resources than they could gather. The Maud Lewis Painted House Society, which formed after Everett’s death in 1979, took care of the home until 1984, when it was sold to the Province … She did, however, have the luxury of electricity. I thought it was a great fictionalization of her life. I think you are absolutely right. I have seen the movie really enjoyed it immensely. Although there is some debate about her exact birth place, recent research has revealed that Maud was born in the town of Yarmouth, NS. After her husband’s death in 1979, residents formed the Maud Lewis Painted House Society to save the house and then sold it to the AGNS in 1984. Not long after our visit that summer afternoon, Evertt was murdered. ... Lewis died in 1970. That tiny, wonderful woman was a gate to a vaste universe. Maud Lewis is a Canadian Folk artist who hails from my neck of the woods, Nova Scotia. Thank you, have put Marjorie Fair Rose on my list. For many years, Maud Lewis was one of Nova Scotia's best-loved folk painters. Maud’s health continued to deteriorate, and in the late 1960s, she spent most of her shuttling between painting in … In 2003, while staying in Digby, we stumbled on Everett & Maud's homestead accidentally. Recently, 47 years after Lewis’s death, her celebrity—and, in step, the prices of her paintings—have swelled. I was with my mother when she interviewed Maude and remember sitting listening to the conversation. That is our own unique perspective. Art had to have been the one shining light in Maud's life, and is a testiment to a bright soul living what had to have been a bleak life. Sadly, Everett whose early life was one of extreme poverty, had grown to into a miser, who hoarded everything. Maud sold paintings from the house for $2 to $3 in the 1940s and 50s, more as her fame grew in the 60s and 70s. So sweet. She died in 1970 and was laid to rest in a child's coffin. Explore historical records and family tree profiles about Maud Lewis on MyHeritage, the world's family history network. I am so excited to read this wonderful post. Overall I think it holds fairly true to the feeling of the real story, but there is some use of fiction. Born in rural Nova Scotia in 1903, Lewis suffered from a series of birth defects that left her fingers painfully deformed, her shoulders hunched and her chin pressed into her chest. Thanks for sharing, Thankyou, so interesting to learn more of the lives of Maud and Evertt Lewis; I love the movie and this knowledge really enhances the story. I came across your post today at work but knew I had to wait until I was home in the evening to fully digest your tale! Last night I went to the movie not realizing the background nor the geography. Art Gallery and know of Maude's life, but the way you wrote about it, made it "more real". I would’t envy a trip to the outhouse in the middle of a Canadian winter! Maud and Evertt Lewis's home has been restored and stands on. This is a beautifully written book and my principal reference for this post. Maud may well have painted an actual snowfall in late fall. It is very whimsical and draws you in to notice every little thing that is going on.Eileen. You are right, it was the 1930’s. Her original name was Maud Catherine Dowley, sometimes, by a child's fancy, "Katherine." :o). What difficult lives they led. A1998.1, 1723 Hollis Street, Halifax, Nova Scotia B3J 1V9, 341 Main Street, Yarmouth, Nova Scotia B5A 1E7. After living with her brother for a short while she moved to Digby to live with her aunt. Maud lived with her husband Everett Lewis in a small house in Marshalltown. Maud lived in 1900, at address , … By the time of her death in 1970, Maud was something of a Canadian national treasure. They were all looking at Maud's artwork and visiting her tiny home for the first time. Paying Tribute to Painter Maud Lewis. We knew nothing of Maud Lewis. By kerkness / September 21, 2017 / 0 Comments. Click to see full answer Hereof, did Maud Lewis have a baby? Maud Lewis was born in 1901, not 1903, in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia. MARSHALLTOWN, N.S., - Maud Lewis died July 30, 1970 - 46 years ago this coming Saturday. From the Illuminated Life of Maud Lewis by Lance Woolaver. I love to hear from you. In this painting, there are trees with brightly colored fall leaves in a winter landscape" Actually, I don't know the circumstances of that painting but it is not necessarily off the mark. Maud Lewis is my inspiration. Maud Lewis' beloved cats, both black and white, was a subject she returned to many times. She is lovely but I will admit, roses do not do well for me. 86122965, citing Sikes Chapel Cemetery, Evans County, Georgia, USA ; Maintained by dawgfan (contributor 47678431) . Review of Maud Lewis: The Heart on the Door by Elissa Barnard, Local Xpress May 23, 2017 Maud Lewis: The Heart on the Door is new biography that’s ‘dark at every turn’ Lance Woolaver’s new 500-page book is an in-depth look at the painful and impoverished life of Nova Scotia’s most famous folk artist. I love art, especially art as accessible as Maud and Evertt's. Expensive hobby but fulfilling beyond description! Still, I can imagine that your grandmother was quite happy in her small house. Thank you for your comment Anonymous. Everett took care of the house, and Maud brought in money through her paintings. Rumours of hidden jars of money eventually lead to Everett's death.With regarding Maud's winter landscapes with fall trees, you may well be right, Anonymous. Maud Lewis (1901-1970) was born to John and Agnes Dowley on the Yarmouth and Acadian Shore of Nova Scotia. I have certainly seen snowstorms hit when the autumn leaves were not off the trees, with snow deep enough for the use of a sleigh. I love that you have united Maud and Everett (at least their art) once again. The books I reference would be your best source of information. As an artist with Rheumatoid Arthritis, from Nova Scotia. Because of Maud’s worsening rheumatoid arthritis, she was unable to do housework. what a pity that an Artist must be dead to be recognized and well paid...thank you for this article! Should you find yourself in Halifax, be sure to visit Maud Lewis’ Painted House, permanently on display at the Nova Scotia Art Gallery. Through newspaper and magazine articles, as well as television documentaries, Maud became well known and a reputation grew that’s still growing today. To live in a one room "house" at the beginning of the 21st century was not that uncommon. (Mongrel Media), Images (Top to Bottom): Maud Lewis, White Cat (2), 1960s, oil on pulpboard, 31.1 x 33.8 cm. She had no home, as her parents both died before she turned 30 … Trailer for "Maudie" - a movie based on Maud Lewis' life.Canadian Encyclopedia: Paying Tribute to Painter Maud Lewis. Her childlike landscapes depicting life in the maritime provinces are loved all across Canada. Although Maud and Everett were poor, I do think that for the most part, they were as happy as they could be and it was apparent in Maud's paintings. I am so intrigued by your story and these eccentric artists ~ fascinating! Despite the lack of modern amenities like indoor plumbing and electricity, the house shows that Maud's life in Marshalltown was full of enjoyment through her art. Love your story! See the movie if possible, u won't be disappointed! Maud had 6 siblings: Earl S Lewis , Henry E Lewis and 4 other siblings . I do believe the author of the Illuminated Life of Maud Lewis does write that he was known to have hit her on occasion. Today Maud Lewis' paintings fetch as much as $20,000 auction, but she and Everett lived their lives in simple poverty. By then her paintings had achieved notoriety through a series of articles in newspapers and magazines, as well as a feature on the CBC television program. Here are the publisher's notes: Maud Lewis (1903-1970) was recognized and revered in her own lifetime, She offered her endearing images to the passing world through her roadside sign, "Paintings for Sale" and was rewarded by the enthusiastic response she received from both the community and tourists as well as from art collectors. Much of the space in the average modern home sits unused. The two had what has been perceived as a formidable companionship, despite any character flaws neighbors found in Everett. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator. Maud spent the rest of her life living with Everett in their house in Marshalltown. Four generations of Maud Lewis's descendants visited the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia on Oct. 4, 2018. She preferred to display them in groupings, surrounded by blossoms and flowers. Freak storms do happen and perhaps she recorded one. Happy and colorful. I do appreciate the luxury of a modern bathroom with all the modern amenities. Lewis was born Maud Kathleen Dowley on March 7, 1903 in South Ohio, Nova Scotia, the daughter of John and Agnes (Germain) Dowley. But she was able to feel glad of so much and this is a wonderful lesson in our dissatisfied age. This May, one of her works, discovered in a thrift shop, sold for over $45,000 at auction. I went to see the film Maudie last night and found it very moving, inspiring and also of course sad for the hardships she lived through. I love how she painted everything in her house. 146391100, citing Forest Home Cemetery, Forest Park, Cook County, Illinois, USA ; Maintained by Find a Grave (contributor 8) . Maud's story is one that should warm anyone's heart. Between 1938, when she married Everett Lewis, until her death in 1970, Maud Lewis lived in a tiny one-room house near Digby, Nova Scotia. Genius. Find a Grave, database and images ( accessed ), memorial page for Maud Lewis Allen (16 Jan 1894–31 Aug 1932), Find a Grave Memorial no. Born in rural Nova Scotia in 1903, Lewis suffered from a series of birth defects that left her fingers painfully deformed, her shoulders hunched and her chin pressed into her chest. This article was originally published in Maclean's magazine on 14 April 1997.. Maud Lewis lived a life that few would envy. I am especially fond of when she slips her devilish nuances into a picture. I think she saw life as she painted it. This post was so enjoyable and a great read. I can well imagine she was proud as she presented the painting to you and your mother. Maud's mother started her painting Christmas cards to sell and thus her career as an artist began. How wonderful.Thankyou for taking the time to post this.CheersFi. When I visited Maud's house and exhibit in Halifax, I was moved to tears. Far more happy than most people are today with all of their new fangled gadgets to make their lives "easier". Her life and only experience of the world extended to an area between her birthplace in Yarmouth County and her married home in Marshalltown, Digby County. Lewis’s success coincided with the broader institutionalization of the category of folk art in the academy and in museums. I love her work and her story, and how we found out about her. I must read more! It comes across in her paintings and I think that is part of their endearing charm. This has gone on for centuries and does not seem likely to change any time soon. After the death of Maud Lewis in 1970, and subsequently of her husband, Everett Lewis, in 1979, the lovingly painted home began to deteriorate. In reaction, a group of concerned citizens from the Digby area started the Maud Lewis Painted House Society; their only goal was to save this valued landmark. I think that depiction after her death pays homage to her and the impact she had on his life. In May 2017 one of her paintings, found in a thrift shop in Ontario, sold for $45,000. I love true story so I was intrigued. Usually they went to maternity homes where their children were taken from them and given up for adoption. The home they lived in was tiny in stature but large in character. This movie touched my heart. Unwed mothers were not treated with much dignity in those days. It was Everett who encouraged Maud to paint and he bought her first set of oils. I had heard of, but didn't pay attention to, Maud Lewis before today. Powered by, The roadside sign from The Illuminated Life of Maud Lewis by Lance Woolaver, Maud in her red coat. Everett saw an opportunity to make some extra money, so he created paintings inspired by her work. After the death of Maud Lewis in 1970, and subsequently of her husband, Everett Lewis, in 1979, the lovingly painted home began to deteriorate. 2006.281; Maud Lewis, Fall Scene with Deer, c. 1950, oil on pulpboard, 29.5 x 34.9 cm. Greg Thompson wrote and produced A Happy Heart: The Maud Lewis Story in 2009. Just go to In 1996, with funds from the federal Department of Canadian Heritage and from private individuals, the processes of conservation and restoration began. Thanks for leaving a comment. Those who stopped after seeing her roadside sign, "Paintings for sale", found a quiet woman with a delightful smile. During that time he became increasingly eccentric and suspicious of the world around him. It makes me think about how we never know what our legacy might turn out to be! I think your right about Maud. What a nice family treasure that painting must be. I like to think that they did love one another despite the hard times. What makes the lives of Maude and Evertt Lewis so remarkable is that, out of physical hardship and extreme poverty, was born the most joyous artwork imaginable. We moved to Nova Scotia a year ago, and visited Digby a few months ago, for the first time. She gave birth to their daughter, Catherine Dowley, in 1928 out of wedlock. My mother recently passed away and I have been researching an article she had written “Frail woman with a bold brush” Doris McCoy. In the last year of her life, Maud Lewis stayed in one corner of her house, painting as often as she could while traveling back and forth to the hospital for treatment of health issues. Her pleasure didn't come from the pride of having done a painting, but the creative act itself and the enjoyment others seemed to get from her work. I have visited Nova Scotia many times but did not know of Maudie Lewis. I love your photos and note you too have a picket fence in your garden. The painting of the two oxen was one such creative endeavour. Thanks for the history. Maud did not let nature limit her representations of the world around her. I came away feeling sad for her life but inspired by her personal outlook on life as a whole. Photograph by Bob Brooks from The Illuminated Life of Maud Lewis. and the house was not down a dirt road...there was a replica on a dirt road...their home is no longer there....and it was on highway 101 in Marshalltown...right on the highway, I assume that Anonymous is referring back to Laurrie's comment about visiting the house, as I made no reference to it being down a dirt road in my post. A Maud Lewis painting originally purchased five decades ago for no more than $10 sold at auction Tuesday night in Toronto for a whopping $22,420. Over the years, she painted the doors inside and out, the windowpanes, the walls and cupboards, the wallpaper, the little staircase to the sleeping loft, the woodstove, the breadbox, the dustpan, almost everything her hand touched. Thanks for the fascinating story and refreshing perspective. People also ask, what happened to Everett Lewis? The Maud Lewis painting "Three Black Cats," is shown in a handout photo. Thank you for commenting Lynne. Later documents, e.g. Sherry White wrote the screenplay for, and Aisling Walsh directed Maudie (2016). We are fortunate indeed to be able to view the world as Maud interpreted it. Maud Lewis lived a life that few would envy. She uses the coat's large floppy sleeves to. She appears in her red coat beside the oxen which were the subject of some of her most famous paintings. I hadn't heard Maud Lewis' story before. I love Maud's unique perspective, use of bright colour and simple form. Maud's life was indeed humble and poor. Her artwork provides a peek into the busy, creative mind of a woman confined to a tiny room, and a humble, often hard life. I wonder how much those pictures are worth now. Amazing art , how lucky you are to have those pieces. I am so happy that I've given this my full attention ... what a wonderful story! In April 2017, Mongrel Media released the motion picture Maudie across Canada. Maude was a very shy but happy lady with a way about her that was hard to resist. Have been in the little house at the N.S. After our trip I told people about Maud Lewis and the little cabin and her art and her wonderful story and no one was much interested or much liked the prints I got. Maud's wedding certificate and her death certificate, would contain several … Encouragement like your blog photos, inspire me to try again. My grandmother lived a very simple life but she was very happy. I have seen the movie and enjoyed it immensely. She heated her house with a cook stove very similar to Maud and Everett's and she also had an outhouse. Sorry Christine, I removed your question by accident. Evertt lived on another 11 years after Maud's death. The movie is “based on a true story” and is a very well executed dramatization of that true story. In reaction, a group of concerned citizens from the Digby area started the Maud Lewis Painted House Society; their only goal was to save this valued landmark. An Everett Lewis forgery of his wife's most famous painting, circa 1969, shortly before Maud's death. After Maud passed away there was ongoing Interest in purchasing her artwork. Between 1938, when she married Everett Lewis, until her death in 1970, Maud Lewis lived in a tiny one-room house near Digby, Nova Scotia. Thanks for posting Maud and Everett's story. Hard times taught Everett to be quite enterprising. She was someone who found pleasure in simple things and her joy for life shows in her paintings. Thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog. I absolutely LOVE your painting and the print and they do belong together. There she met Everett Lewis, an itinerant fish peddler, and married him shortly after in 1938. Jennifer, thank you for telling this wonderful story. In 1984, the house was sold to the Province of Nova Scotia and turned over to th… Painting from the Collection of Bob and Marion Brooks from The Illuminated Life of Maud Lewis, Painting from The Illuminated Life of Maud Lewis. She had been born with almost no chin and was always much smaller than everyone else. I have beeen smitten with her work for years and am now the proud owner of 7 original paintings and an xmas card. Maud passed away in 1970; her husband, Edgar, lived there until he died in 1979.The Maud Lewis Painted House Society was formed in 1984 with the intention of rescuing it from ruin. If my father was disappointed with the fact it was not a Maud Lewis original, he did not show it. Academy Award® nominees Sally Hawkins (Happy-Go-Lucky, Blue Jasmine) and Ethan Hawke star in the true story of Maud Lewis, who overcame the physical challenge of juvenile rheumatoid arthritis to become one of Canada’s premier folk artists. Sue J Amon. She has inspired the work of filmmakers, playwrights, and authors. Sad really! Maud Lewis’ House at the Nova Scotia Art Gallery. Lovely story - thanks for sharing it. This is an interesting read. Your story of Everett's paintings and the incredible value they fetch is amazing. Maud Lewis was born Maud Kathleen Dowley to John and Agnes Dowley, in Yarmouth, March 7, 1903. Commissions came in from far and wide, including one from then president Richard Nixon. I live in an area where people whine if the line at Starbucks is too long. Sorry, that was a typo. When she was in her mid-sixties, Maud's health fell further into decline. I enjoyed reading this so much. Husband of Maud Lewis, Everett worked as a farm labourer and fish peddler in his early years. My grandmother lived in a small house in Saskatchewan and until she died in 1977 and had no running water or central heat. ( Laurrie remembers driving down a dirt road to visit Maud's house. Find a Grave, database and images ( accessed ), memorial page for Maud Lewis (unknown–19 Dec 1923), Find a Grave Memorial no. The tiny painted house is now on permanent display at the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia. As a child, Maud spent most of her time alone, mostly because she felt uncomfortable about her differences around the other children. Photograph by Bob Brooks from the The Illuminated Life of Maud Lewis. The adoption records were sealed, so it is doubtful she knew what happened to her baby. Thanks for sharing this beautiful story. Yes mom ended up buying a painting from her and I got the feeling she was more interested in presenting the painting then she was in the money. An interesting post & great art work. 1974.16; Maud Lewis, Maud Lewis House, mixed media, 4.1 x 3.8 m. Collection of the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia, purchased by the Province of Nova Scotia, 1984. She spent most of her adult life as a virtual recluse in a cramped one-room house that had no running water or electricity. She was a bright soul. Such a humble but pure woman who was able to see the beauty of life around her without asking much of it. Photograph by Bob Brooks from the Illuminated Life of Maud Lewis. Though Maud commissions meant that she and Everett had more spending money in these later years, Everett socked most of it away. Beautiful story. Fall leaves in painting of "Two Deer" have an extra set of hoofprints in the snow! After marrying Maud Dowley in 1938, he went to work as a night watchman at the Marshalltown Poor Farm. I am so glad to read this post to prove otherwise! I often remark to my husband that we actually live in just a few rooms in our house. Twenty dollars - that's what he told my father he was asking for the painting. They were very poor for most of their lives and life in that tiny house must have been difficult. hide her hands, which were crippled and deformed by rheumatoid arthritis. A Fragrant Fall Beauty for Part-Shade/Shade. In the painting I have in my dining room Evertt has depicted Maud in her red coat.