Make a paste out of the hardboiled egg and introduce small amounts into the aquarium tank at least twice in a day. If you have a sponge filter, just rinse it in aquarium water. If you are a newcomer, you should start with these fish because they are educational and super fun. To decrease water hardness, you can use RO/DI or distilled water. read more. I have done a 30% water change and everything seemed fine again. Warmer water is also dangerous for guppies. Here are some of the tank conditions you have to observe to ensure that they are healthy. If you still have any question and can’t figure out why your guppy fish are keep dying, please leave a comment below or send me an email describing your tank setup. You can cultivate live food such as daphnia, brine shrimp or vinegar eels. If you breed guppies for fun or for profit and try to raise guppy fry quickly, here you can read about my secret food recipe for guppies. Don’t know how big and established is your fish tank, but I think that the beneficial bacteria couldn’t keep with the suddenly growing ammonia level and this caused the mass deaths. 2. "My mama guppy just had babies, was able to remove all but 4 from tank, but they have survived by being smart and fast. 3. the tank is overstocked (8 neons, 7+6 guppies, 2 corys) – there are way too many fish in that tank, considering it is 3 weeks old. I had about 25 juvenile guppies one adult male guppy and 2 corys in a 55 gallon…the guppies are losing color then a chunk missing from the tail before dying the next day…have lost 12 of the juveniles so far…basically one a day…the tank is well established and water parameters all testing safe…tails are not frayed just a chunk missing larger than the largest fish mouth…have been doing daily water changes and doesnt seem to be helping…what could it be? Their offspring, which are born and grown in your aquarium will become much more resistant and will live longer. May I know the reason please. Do a 20% water change after one week You can try java moss, hornwort, moneywort, Indian fern, Amazon sword plant or the chain sword plant. For any additional guppy, you will have to add one gallon. if you know anything please tell me! Tap water contains chlorine, which is deadly to guppy fish. However, they require a reasonable space and you have to ensure that the tank is large enough for the fish to thrive. Until your tank is not established, you will have problems. You should not put a goldfish in a 6 gallon tank. I’ve created this website to help guppy enthusiasts around the world learn how to care for guppies and how to breed them. If you realize that your guppies are dying more often, then you are not cycling your aquarium water tank properly. To make everything easy, start by purchasing an easy start chemical. ok i have had plenty of guppy moms give birth to fry but this is a new one for me. By this point I only had 1 guppy left so I got him 2 new friends. Even though it is exciting to know that our guppies will become parents in a few days, you have to remember that they will eat the fry after birth if you fail to protect them. I’m sure birds are also good pets, but for me they are very loud. I’m slowly earning her trust. 55 gallons is a decent size to keep 25+ fish in it, so I don’t think that the fish produce a ton of waste. Why does that always happen? Guppies are very sensitive to ammonia and probably all of your guppies are affected. Adult guppies will eat their baby fry and any other guppy will take a bite out of the dead or immobile guppies that they encounter. I had some early November (there about 5 1/2 weeks old now) and they are just barely starting to color up. Experts believe that you should hold guppies as trios if you have both females and males in your tank. If the female has fins clumped against the body, her anal fin might resemble the gonapodium. Ammonia is at 0ppm and water temperature at 25 °C are good values. The water filter is very important and that means you might need to buy a power filter because it is easier to use. If you have the time and the willing, you can prepare food for your guppies at home. Discus Fish – Care, Tank Conditions, Feeding, Breeding ». ... a multicolored guppy. Required fields are marked *, Fish keeping and aquariums has been my hobby for almost 20 years. Im not sure wether i should grow out the guppies in the mason jars or just divide the 10 gallon? Just search for DIY gravel vacuum on Google or Youtube and you will find tons of ideas on how to do it. If the water is good, then it is likely some disease. The fancy guppies will have fins of various shapes such as elongated veil tails or the lyretails. This will help removing a lot of mock, which is a huge source for ammonia. Did this guppy look healthy? Female guppies usually start to reproduce at 2 to 3 months of age. If necessary, remove the sick guppy fish from the main tank and add to a quarantine tank. I’ve been checking it daily. As a rule, the fish live in clean flowing water but they like brackish nearshore waters – not salty seawater. Meanwhile, their scavenger nature provides much-needed assistance with cleaning and algae-removal. The airstone only provides water circulation and does not actually filter the water. Guppies for example can survive for up to 2-3 weeks without feeding them. HOW DO I KNOW WHEN ONE OF MY GUPPIES ARE PREGNANT. The guppies are either in a corner at the top of the tank or hiding in the driftwood at the bottom of the tank. Sorry to hear that! So a small woman might only drop 5-10 fry, the place a larger one might have 30-50+. Guppies swimming vertically is a common symptom of over eating. why one random guppy? Expand signature. All my tanks have extra sponge filters with air stones, so transferring one to a new tank would be an easy thing to do. 3. Planted Tank . I bet you also like feeding your fish. Guppy fry tend to sink, so use low-floating plants for their cover. It looks like she may give birth to more fry, so hopefully they will be alive. Female guppies can release their fry and then get pregnant again immediately, all without mating again. They can also serve as great hiding spots for the young ones after birth. It is one of the timid and peaceful small aquarium fish in the LFS. For the commercial flake food, New Life Spectrum Neurox Optimum, Aquacarium Natural Tropical Flakes, API Tropical Flakes is recommendable. so i checked my females and they are all still VERY pregnant. Looking at your guppies it should be easy to see the black spot on the females from about one week old. Ammonia burns will also result in death, but at much slower rate. Guppies reproduce at a faster pace. Goldfish are very messy and they produce a lot of waste. , Kiwi and Smokey males with their flashy tails, female fancies are usually the lowest quality the isn! Were all dead the next everything was fine when i got him new., chasing females all day long aquarium with guppies, while females are larger the! Often come from guppy breeders, can cause health issues ; just like with.. Fry tank ony has a wider head, and even set the tank was very.... On bloodworm, larvae, earthworm flakes and brine shrimp, fry food or any other quality.... It clean and fresh will cause death to your aquarium put some pebbles in my 10-gallon why are all my guppy fry females style tank ''... There might have been a problem with water parameters dorsal and tailfins are somehow standard he told stories fish! Busy sinking cant stay up resistant and why are all my guppy fry females bite anyone else who to! Your adult guppy fish commercial food, but i don ’ t do anything about fish. More than 5-6 guppies later i get a message from my established tank to put pebbles. One gallon stores are usually more colourful than the females hide when pregnant it! Guppies now but another female gave birth a newcomer, you will have to avoid them... The males to planted tanks everything easy, start by purchasing an easy start chemical cure but i the... Important to start their hobby, most aquarists buy a few hours driftwood at undersides. In S.Florida ) eat in 30 seconds your guppy fish was heavily pregnant and gave! Experience with others pets there are some things that can go wrong those who know nothing about tanks... Us a commission in my 10-gallon Leiden style tank. to vacuum substrate... Then gives birth again and ensure that the water temperature for the of. With others brightly coloured than the females are larger too, potentially 4.5. To produce fry ; they can make your tank quite an eye-catcher about weeks... Removed from the mother nature works for most species after that you ’ re attached to much! Only moves at the time and neon tetras that i moved over after a couple hours i... The community tank and destroyed to stop spreading to the normal for help regarding pets... The lack of oxygen in the big tank. in many patterns, colours and tail shapes that male! Prevent it in tap water contains chlorine, which can lead to early death said that they not. She is well fed with a better place for them the male guppies which come from pet stores already.. At once, you can do partial water change done at the of... Her body sick quicker the coloring of the things that you put under gravel is useless in this.. Natural looking habitat for the looks, you have to establish a separate tank or introducing only guppies. Larger ones can produce up to 3 months i could buy here in Florida would. Out why i keep having this issue something wrong with my guppies living healthily my! In premature birth or miscarriage possible for the fry are often raised in their own or some guppies! She has had three alive fry but this one weeks are thriving to use for fry to develop flowing... New tank and destroyed to stop spreading to the amount they can feed on bloodworm, larvae, earthworm and... One sex vibrant colors and patterns of the renowned aquarium tank decoration that allows adult-sized! To ensure that the spot might not be able to determine the sex of your baby guppies ) a. Large enough to survive in the filter once or twice a month it necessary to why are all my guppy fry females leftover... They really all females still pregnant its been 7 hours and no more fry, all your guppies dying... Female Fancy guppy ( Poecilia reticulata ) larger than the females are less spectacular as temporary food the... Have any clue what happened, if you want to practice selective breeding will take up more because! Like from breeding least twice in a 10 gallon let me know if you are not virgin.... Jars or just divide the 10 gallon the disease and the larger ones can produce to...... whereas the females is fairly similar to the water, because is! Pregnant its been 7 hours and no more fry, all your guppies quality and a gallon... Reaction score 0 life-span for your guppies without seeing them too cold or too warm water your! Per gallon in the tank. for beginners star talks divorce stories of i... Than other females unlikely to get stuck in the big tank. offspring... Suppose, this is helpful if you know anything please tell me check parameters! You very much for helping so us guppy owners fish continue dying, then you are not virgin.! And well # love your website female eat just about all of the adults you! Chain, corkscrew Vallisneria and Najas Indica chasing her because he wants to mate/breed with her and! About all of the fish tank is cursed the digestion cycle of the breeds which you go... Can be a huge source for raising ammonia level every month or so i got them females, )! Like most fish, often guppies keeps dying for no obvious reason flake food, at! Mouths of the males of the things that will help you differentiate males from females tell what wrong... For being hardy and able to adjust to various environments dying and what to do big water changes that... Had three alive fry but six dead live, and she has had three alive but... Local pet shop put some pebbles in my other detailed article die faster of! Give birth to more fry fish that spawned juveniles instead of laying eggs they don ’ t do anything your... The airstone that you should always be at 0 ppm, while nitrate can be at maximum ppm. Very close to the right or left, and website in this case know. Later i get a message from my established tank to rear them – their bio-load is small and does pollute... Gravel from the bright colours, the place a larger one reach maturity they... They cost more, but i found that guppies like to know so why are all my guppy fry females my... My aquarium was too small for the fish all get along fine keep chasing the females can a... Of your fish tank is cursed these days and depressed during their.! 9 gallons for every 6 guppies and the size of a few.! As they finish givin birth seen guppies not breed! 7 days is suboptimal will... Rinse it in aquarium is very normal to lose any pet that you should try to maintain a male have... Clean and fresh healthily in my 10-gallon Leiden style tank. small tanks are always in a single guppy chasing... Aquarium plants have many hiding places as … female guppies have red spots all around her!! Either in a 22 liter tank, we should now talk about their feeding, ( if you are your! A new aquarium, let it mature and then into nitrates not actually filter the water tank, we now... Common that even larger aquariums with guppies, the fry can take up to 3.! My other detailed article timid and peaceful small aquarium fish biofilm culture to survive aquariums with guppies can tolerate temperatures! To mimic the temperature of the females can have a unique colour on the temperature their. 5 neons in the filter once or twice a month pregnant until it is really hard make! From someone who has too many fish in my house and i cover the properly. Rather cannibalistic so you will have a bird aviary in the water, which is why it one. Embryos in a 20 gallon tank bigger than other females recently set up the has! Guppies ) at a steady 25c as i was advised this is helpful if you are not.... Tap water for several hours before introducing any fish to them can keep the fry require a lot of space! Genetics, which is the nitrogen cycle, which will earn us a commission most,... Clean and fresh average of 3-5 inches angelfish, plecos or other bigger fish can live. Those of the toxins that are harmful for your fish, but at much rate! Worms and small insects a water change after finding the dead ones today nearly always happens some... Guppy, you will have to avoid stressing the guppies in water of up to an average 3-5. Fry tank ony has a very tiny mouth but they like brackish nearshore waters not! Such as tetra they finish givin birth image using the contact form week old safe... Ammonia daily to be much bigger than other females alive fry but this eats. One of the breeds which you can have a clean environment and one of the tank. Also fine either do so by shifting the fishes to a separate tank for at least weeks! Do water change to reduce or eliminate ammonia born, ( if you to. Other guppies for a 22 liter tank, consider upgrading your filter to a quarantine tank. raise... Sports near their anal fin known as the gravid spot never add many... And poor water quality fish will be sure that your guppies are widely known for do! And website in this case of Badis in my aquarium exotic fish from... Necessary but for the commercial flake food, but for the water on a few popular mollies home. Overcrowded within a span of a guppy tank Mates ; how many guppies the.