I might not personally agree with everything, but I feel our job is to the system. 27536. We must advocate with our state leaders to keep teacher pay and educational funding a top priority. The forum excluded four candidates who are registered as unaffiliated — incumbents Ervin Bazzle, Mary Louise Corn and Rick Wood and challenger Jared Bellmund. Eight candidates are vying for four seats on the board, and the four who garner the most votes this November will be sworn in. I served as assistant superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction in Henderson County Public Schools for over 17 years and retired three and a half years ago after completing over 37 years of K-12 public education service. Additionally, building strong relationships with university educational departments and actively seeking student teachers into our schools would be another concept to get prospective teachers into our schools so recruitment efforts can begin early. Our teachers are doing an outstanding job in trying to accommodate both types of instruction simultaneously, however, that is an extremely difficult, if not impossible, task for teachers and my concern is that it diminishes the quality of instruction for all students. The situation is urgent and important. The Henderson County Board of Elections did not publish campaign finance reports on its website as of November 3, 2016. Wellborn worked in every public school in the county during her 35-year tenure as a school psychologist. If reelected, I will continue this practice so that the board is always aware of the current environment. Allbaugh: My priorities are the same as my goals. What other priorities do you have for Henderson County public schools if you are elected? • Walter Doughty, who has a background in education operations, school transportation management and child nutrition in Illinois and currently works in logistics for AdventHealth.• Kathy G. Revis, 63, a former teacher and principal who retired as assistant superintendent in the Henderson County school system. Four of the seven seats on the Henderson County Schools school board were up for at-large general election on November 8, 2016. Until the virus is reduced to the level that it does not pose a threat to our students and coaches, participation should be limited. Incumbents Blair Craven, the board chair, and Michael Absher are running for re-election. We should grow all professionals of our learning environment into becoming new leaders. Eight candidates are running for four seats on the Henderson County School Board: Michael Absher, Florence Allbaugh, Ervin Bazzle, Robert Bridges, Stacey Caskey, Blair Craven, Walter Doughty and Kathy Revis. You will need to go to the State Board of Elections website at: www.ncsbe.gov. I think recruiting efforts must intentionally include a focus on recruiting a diverse, highly effective staff. She is currently an adjunct instructor at Gardner-Webb University. Egolf said in a press release, "Today I'm announcing my intention to be a candidate for the Henderson County School Board in November 2018. School Board Candidates Forum Chamber Events Date/Time: 8/27/2020, 8:30am - 10:00am The Henderson County Public School System is governed by a seven-member Board of Education whose primary functions are to establish and oversee policies of the operation of our school system. The county seat is Hendersonville.. Ballotpedia provides comprehensive coverage of the 100 largest cities in America by population.This encompasses all city, county, and special district elections appearing on the ballot within those cities. $20.20. Doughty: I believe the conscious effort of the administration and staff considered all elements to arrive at their decision. Henderson County School Board member Michael Absher has been found not guilty on both misdemeanor charges he faced: contributing to the delinquency of a minor, and communicating a threat. I think having this broad experience would give me the ability to contribute in meaningful ways as a school board member. This can easily transfer to teachers or others in the family who are susceptible to Covid-19. 1 talking about this. Ms. $10. The law was enjoined by a federal district court on December 31, 2019. Should this occur, everyone in contact with the child, teacher etc. Their colleagues and administration needs to have keen sense of the individual and offer accolades and a listening ear and shoulder of support, one professional to another. Caskey: I’m running for election to the Henderson County School Board because I truly believe that they need a teacher with over two decades’ experience in elementary school classrooms. The candidates are: • Michael Absher, 31, founder and CEO of Only Hope WNC, which helps homeless teenagers.• Florence B. Allbaugh, 60, a schoolteacher with a master’s degree in education, is married with two grown children.• Ervin Bazzle, 72, a graduate of the U.S. Military Academy at West Point and the University of South Carolina School of Law who retired as a lieutenant colonel from the U.S. Army and Army Reserves and has been practicing law in Hendersonville since 1983.• Robert M. Bridges, 74, a retired schoolteacher, counselor and administrator in the county schools for 30 years.• Stacey Caskey, a National Board certified teacher with three master’s degrees, who with her husband, Brian, owns Biltmore Tutoring and has a daughter at West Henderson High School.• Blair Craven, 41, a senior financial adviser with Merrill-Lynch. I would however, like to see a plan emerge so that our teaching staff are not teaching both virtually and face-to-face. Craven: I truly hope that our kids will get to enjoy playing sports this year. What is your opinion of how the board has handled the return to in-person learning so far, and what do you feel the next steps should be? 252 likes. The Henderson County Board of Education is the local governing body of the County Public School System. Before that, Ruth lived and worked in many parts of the United States including Texas, North Carolina, Oregon, Pennsylvania, and even Nova Scotia. The seats of Ervin Bazzle, Mary Louise Corn, Joshua Houston, and Rick Wood were up for election. Bazzle: I believe the education of all children is one of the most important missions we have as parents and as a community. Hours of Operation Monday - Friday 8:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. All Rights Reserved. Meeting the health, welfare and economic needs of our teachers, staff and our support staff. He retired from Vance County Schools in 2002 and from Quality Equipment, Inc. in 2010. Another important priority is to be a voice for the community at large in the growth and development goals for Henderson County. We see the benefits when they outperform their classmates in every subject by grade three. Incumbents Rick Wood and Mary Louise Corn are not running again. Without sports, a lot of our kids will not get a chance to learn those lessons that I believe are so important in life. Black History Collective of Henderson County, NC. Henderson County Appraisal District; Submit a Service Request ; Find a Waste Station; Find a Job Opening ; Historical; Bail Bond Board; View Precinct Maps; Know My Elected Officials Duties; Contact the County; Vote! Virtual learning and the return to in-person learning have put extra work on the county’s teachers.